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Beach and Coastal Decorating Ideas You’ll Adore

When I think of some of the most relaxing and enjoyable times of my life, the first image that comes to mind is lying on the beach during summer vacation. There’s nothing more refreshing than listening to the waves and watching your kids frolic in the sea while you sit on the sand and sip a mai tai.

Unfortunately, our beach vacation has to come to an end, but the relaxing feeling you experience there can come home with you. Beach and coastal decorating ideas are great for making the turquoise waters and white sandy beaches a part of your home decor. You can incorporate seashells, starfish, coral, driftwood and even the great-mouthed gulls that are part of the beach experience.

The soft colors that you get on the coast are great for creating beach and coastal decorating ideas for your living space. This guide is designed to help you create a beach theme in your home. It can serve as a relaxing retreat for you alone or a place for your guests to take their love of the beach with them.