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Beach House Decor Ideas

Beach House Decor Ideas

There is undeniably an appeal to the simple, airy beach house style. It happens the moment you step through the front door and into this light and airy space – with a big exhale you instantly feel relaxed, comfortable and oh so happy. It could be the sea air and the soothing sound of the waves, but let’s not neglect the decor, from casual layering of no-frills furniture made from natural materials, cheerful pops of color and collected finds from nature. Not to mention the charming coastal and nautical touches found in stunning beach resorts, like framed seascape wall art, seashell adorned mirrors and accessories, marine grade lighting, brass finishes and anything and everything in all shades of blue!

Even if you don’t live in that dreamy little cottage by the sea in one of America’s most charming beach towns, a few tasteful beach house decorating ideas can transport you to a far-off seaside place in an instant. Getting the beach house look — and its laid-back vibe — is as simple as 1) paint your walls the best white paint, 2) choose a mix of comfortable, casual, and carefree furniture (Adirondack chairs, anyone?) and 3) adding lots of personality with pops of color and coast-inspired accessories. Check out these 48 dreamy rooms full of beach house decorating inspiration to get you started.

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