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Beautiful. Elegant. A Touch of Class: Onyx Bathroom Ideas

Thinking about renovating your bathroom with a big wow effect? We have the perfect solution for you. Onyx panels are the best options that offer luxurious and elegant design at the same time. Here we’ve rounded up some of our favorite onyx bathroom ideas to inspire you!

Make a statement with onyx stone
Onyx is a rare and valuable stone of striking beauty. The Onyx collection offers a space that contrasts with the classic bathroom with its rich textures and contrasting colors that create a glamorous effect. The beauty of onyx has been harnessed by civilizations throughout history. Today, onyx stones offer an elegant luxury in modern bathrooms. The beautiful solid surface of this unique material pairs well with glass, steel, concrete and more. This is a great way to create a dramatic effect with onyx slabs as focal points in bathrooms and showers. Thanks to its durability, you can use the onyx stone for splashbacks, vanity tops, shower trays, shower trays, toilet pan surrounds and wall panels. Plus, you can build it in any size, shape, and color to suit your taste!

Check out these stunning onyx designs and learn how to use this amazing natural stone in your bathroom!