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Beginner Friendly Indoor Hanging Plants

It’s no secret that in the home decor world, hanging houseplants are really having a moment.

If you’re itching to step up your plant game (literally) and hang your plants, you’ve come to the right place!

Plants have always been a part of people’s homes, but with social media, awareness of plants has really started to boom.

And now more than ever, people are learning how to maximize their space and getting their plants airborne by hanging them.

People are starting to step out of their comfort zones to embrace their not-so-green fingers, get their hands dirty with potting soil, and experiment with plant life.

There is nothing to fear and everything to gain!

I know knowing what type of hanging houseplants to buy can be confusing and overwhelming.

There are so many different types! So let’s look at all of that today.

This guide will be really good for you if you are just starting out with hanging houseplants.