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Best Industrial Living Room Decor Ideas

Best Industrial Living Room Decor Ideas

You may think you need to move to an open loft or warehouse to achieve the industrial look. In reality, this style is about more than exposed plumbing and floor-to-window ceilings. With just a few accents and small details, you can add an industrial touch to even the most traditional living room.

This whimsical Salem, MA home beautifully blends influences to showcase both the owner’s personal style and the home’s traditional 18th-century architecture. Ornate decorations, like the glass globe on the coffee table and the mixed metal chandelier, add a touch of industrial influence to the home. Both pieces appear vintage or aged and are reminiscent of the industrial age. The design of the room is based on many furnishing eras, including the industrial age.

This modern farmhouse-style living room is another example of vintage industrial elements, albeit with a very different end result. The room looks like a modern cabin and the metal-framed windows give it a touch of industrial design. It looks much more modern than the first example, but the vintage flair completes the feeling of the room.

If you have furnished the room with modern furniture, the design may have gone too far and appears cold or unfriendly. Instead, retro furniture harmonizes with the atmosphere of this modern cabin.

The two swivel chairs look both modern and classic, and the metal accents of the tufted Chesterfield sofa add an industrial touch. Add a sculptural floor lamp and a brass table, and the room feels both modern and classically industrial.

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