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Boho Living Room Ideas to Create a Sense of Laid-Back Luxury

If trendy Scandinavian and grand millennial interiors don’t suit your style, maybe it’s time to lean into your bohemian side. Moving away from clean lines, neutral palettes and pastels opens whole new doors that allow you to fully explore and express your design personality. Starting with a bohemian-inspired living room is a great place to explore this aesthetic, as the living room is one of the most stimulating places in the home to gather loved ones, unplug from the workday, read an inspirational new book, or to practice favorite hobby.

Even so, unconventional spaces can still fall victim to the same look if you pull from the same stores and design formulas of other influencers or designers. Luckily, it doesn’t take much to make your living room a one-of-a-kind space once you’ve searched for one-of-a-kind furniture, discovered art that speaks to you, and found decorative accents from travel – or places you’ve always dreamed of have to travel. The following boho-inspired living rooms will inspire your inner designer to create a space that feels unique while giving you some key pointers along the way.