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Growing Plants in Water

Growing Plants in Water

Let’s be honest here: we all forget to water our plants sometimes. And for those of us who tend to travel, it’s not uncommon to return to shriveled or overwatered greenery due to misunderstandings with the plant sitter. whoops. The solution is here! Drop the soil and permanently grow your plants in water. Reduced maintenance and a beautiful centerpiece with the right vase; what’s not to love?

do indoor plants grow in water? The short answer? Yes! You are probably familiar with the fact that you can take a cutting from a plant and place it in water to let it grow back. This is called water propagation and is a very popular way to produce more plants. Once the cutting has developed its own root system, most indoor gardeners transplant it to soil. But you don’t have to!

It is fascinating to get a glimpse of what normally happens underground as you see the root system developing and growing in a glass container. Additionally, as mentioned in the introduction, hydroponic growing is the perfect solution for those who struggle to stick to a regular watering schedule for houseplants. So how do you go about growing your own houseplant(s) hydroponically? Luckily it’s pretty easy.

Of course, if you want to grow a houseplant in water, you can also take an adult plant out of its pot. If you thoroughly clean the roots of dirt, she will most likely be able to adapt to the dipping of her feet and continue to grow. To avoid the extra work of having to take a plant out of its existing container (and to get an entirely new plant for free – bonus!), my favorite option is propagation. To do this, a piece of an existing plant is taken and the base is placed in water. As mentioned earlier, if you’ve done the cutting correctly, it will soon establish a new root system and then continue to produce new foliage.

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