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Home trends: hanging plants & lights

Home trends: hanging plants & lights

With our hanging plant and light combo ideas, you have plenty of options to combine clever lighting with some of the best houseplants you can find. Both together work so well that it emphasizes both the plant and the rooms in your house. Plus, you can make a real statement, be creative, or take it easy to make it a little more subtle. Either way, there are plenty of options and here are a few for you to try.

Use downlighters to combine hanging plants and lights
Give your indoor plants a boost by hanging them under some downlights. There are many different types of downlighters, so there are many designs to choose from, but why not look for something that is handcrafted and crafted because the function is something very special to you? Use bright bulbs for a really bright effect, or a softer bulb to softly highlight the foliage. Either way, both together look beautiful.

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