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How to Add Floral Pattern to Your Kitchen

How to Add Floral Pattern to Your Kitchen

A kitchen is different for different people. Some want one that offers only the bare essentials and allows you to prepare a simple meal when you need one. Others want a space that is far more sophisticated and can easily accommodate a family of 4 or 5. Then there is the modern trend of social kitchens, which bring the whole family together and ensure that the cooks can also constantly interact with other family members. No matter what functional kitchen requirements you have, a new season or a new year brings with it the opportunity to transform it stylistically and aesthetically. Today we dive into the world of floral kitchens and how they add that certain something to the open space.
Adding floral designs to the kitchen isn’t all that common and yes, it’s a look that works with a variety of styles. Some styles are obviously much more naturally associated with floral designs in the kitchen than others, such as shabby chic, eclectic and tropical. But this look, when used sparingly, also has an organic effect in the modern kitchen. From wallpaper and window coverings to decorations and more, this is a look at several fun ways to bring flowers full of beauty into the kitchen

Wallpaper keeps things simple
Wallpaper is arguably the easiest and most effective way to add floral patterns to the modern kitchen while leaving everything else the same. You can start small with the wallpaper and use it for just a small section or as part of the accent wall. If you love the look, there’s always a way to add more floral charm to the kitchen by mimicking the idea. However, make sure that the rest of the kitchen remains as neutral as possible and colors are not too garish elsewhere. This ensures a tidy, elegant overall picture and keeps the wallpapered area in focus.

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