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How To Keep A Cactus Dish Garden

How To Keep A Cactus Dish Garden

Creating a cactus-succulent garden in a container makes an attractive display and is practical for those who need to bring the plants indoors during cold winters. Starting a cactus garden is a simple and low-maintenance project, but aftercare is just as important.

How to care for cactus plants

Caring for your cactus garden begins with preparation. To limit maintenance, make sure you plant your garden cacti in suitable soil. There are several premixed soils available for cacti and succulents. Plant them in one of these. You can further improve the soil by adding a third of lava rocks or pumice. Building sand is also a good addition. This allows water to flow quickly through the planting mix so that it doesn’t settle on the roots and cause the plant to rot. Also use these supplements as top dressing if necessary.

Also remember that when planting cacti with shallow root systems, your containers do not need to be deep. If you have taproots, you need a normal pot. The pots should have drainage holes. If not, add them with a drill. Cacti need little water, so make sure they have a good outlet from the container.

When planting your garden, make sure that all plants have the same light and water needs. Don’t mix cacti with other succulents that require more water or less light.

Continuing cactus tableware care

Since cacti require little water and food gardens are typically indoors during the winter, watering may not be necessary until you move them back outside in the spring. If the cacti are wilting, it is an indication that some water is needed. Limit watering in this situation too. When watering, keep the cacti dry and water at the bottom, reaching only the root system. If water gets into the drip tray or saucer below, don’t let it stay there. Empty within half an hour.

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