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Pretty Spring Door Decor Ideas

Pretty Spring Door Decor Ideas

Hello friends! Welcome to the Saturday Spotlight, where I highlight a different topic each week to inspire you. Since the weather in NJ has been unseasonably warm, I can’t help but think about spring! So today I’m sharing spring door decor ideas! Join me for all the spring inspiration!

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Spring Door Decor:
Since first impressions matter, why not refresh your front door and front porch for guests this spring?!
Here are some ideas for spring decorations…

Hang a container or basket of tulips on your front door…
When I was decorating my porch in spring for a year, I collected some white tulips and hung them in a metal container. Since my front door is black, the white tulips were particularly noticeable. Most of the time I prefer artificial flowers on my front door, but a container or live plants or flowers would be pretty for a special occasion.

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