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Raised Garden Bed Ideas That Won’t Break the Budget

Raised Garden Bed Ideas That Won’t Break the Budget

Raised beds are a great idea for most gardens. They offer many advantages over planting a traditional in-ground garden. Raised beds are a great idea for those with back problems or for keeping pesky critters away. The only downside to a raised bed is that you have to build it before you can start planting.

The most important element when planting in a raised bed is the soil structure. So, after checking out these fantastic raised bed ideas, be sure to read the soil construction section at the end of this article.

What is a raised bed?
Before we get into the ideas, let’s first understand what a raised bed is and why it’s so useful.

According to Wikipedia – “Raised bed gardening is a form of gardening in which the soil is raised above the ground and usually enclosed in some way. Raised bed structures can be made of wood, stone, concrete or other materials and can be of any size and shape. The soil is usually enriched with compost.”

Advantages of a raised bed in the garden
Less weeds
More useful water storage in areas with super sandy soil
More satisfactory drainage in areas with clay soils
Better grow space
No soil compaction by human feet
Warmer ground earlier in the season
Warmer ground for a longer season
Soil that is essentially neutral pH unless you add something to change it
Less soil erosion
corrugated iron
Corrugated iron is a popular material for raised beds. It offers a great contrast between the metal and wooden frame. You can add your own personality and style to this project by painting or staining the wooden frame a color that you like or that matches your outdoor decor.

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