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Simple Ways to Decorate a Fireplace & Mantle with Flameless Candles

Simple Ways to Decorate a Fireplace & Mantle with Flameless Candles

Here’s an easy way to add a warm glow to your fireplace without the risk of a fire: Decorate a fireplace with flameless candles!Are candles sticky in the fireplace? This is a good question and depends on personal preference.

Battery operated candles can be used in a variety of ways to give your fireplace and mantel a stylish, elegant look. They are safe to use around small children and pets. Plus, many of the models on the market today look so similar to real candles that it’s hard to tell the difference. How to decorate a fireplace with flameless candles Consider these ideas for decorating your fireplace and mantel with flameless candles.

Note: Some of the pictures show real wax candles – just replace them with flameless candles for safety reasons! Or use the same look for wax candles – whatever you like.

Fireplace candelabras or candelabras are a unique way to decorate a fireplace with flameless candles and fill a space in a non-working fireplace. Candelabra inserts are available in many different shapes and designs and therefore suit a wide range of interior design styles.

These fireplace candle holders are best suited for smaller flameless candles. LED votive candles or tea lights are usually sufficient and are safer than traditional candles. Candelabra can be inserted into the fireplace as shown above or rest outside on the fireplace stone. The latter is a great option for those who use their fireplace occasionally but simply want to decorate it when not in use.

Simply move the candelabra to the side when you’re ready to start a fire. You can easily use LED candles on the side of your fireplace, either individually or with additional decorative pieces. These rustic lanterns and a tall candle holder add an elegant touch to this fireplace. Since each of these elements has a different height, it fills the space without seeming too cluttered. Consider using different lanterns and candle holders that match your decorating theme.

Flameless candles work well here if you’re worried about pets or children knocking things over. There is no risk of fire with flameless candles.

Another benefit of using flameless candles is that many of them have remote controls and timer functions. This way you don’t have to worry about opening the lanterns every time you want to light the candles. Just use the remote control or set the timer function.

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