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DIY Chandelier Styles

DIY Chandelier Styles

A chandelier is so much more than a light source. It sets the mood in a room. It offers an opportunity to infuse your style into a space. And it can also be a smart space saver.

“I prefer using pendant lights in a bedroom as it gives you more space to work on your bedside tables,” says Julie Sousa, a Boston-based content creator who shares brilliant DIY ideas on TikTok. “There’s nothing worse than not having enough space to put water, phone and other knick knacks that we put on our bedside table before bed.”

Although the concept of a chandelier is reminiscent of expensive, antique candelabra, Sousa and other creators have plenty of ideas for creating your own pendant lights and making a statement on any budget.

Whether your aesthetic goal is vintage and moody or modern and bright, here are five inspirational DIY chandeliers from TikTok and Instagram.

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