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Stylish wall shelving ideas for every room

Stylish wall shelving ideas for every room

Whether you need extra storage or a place to display beautiful plants, artwork, photographs, and decorative items, every home needs some sort of shelving. Depending on the room and furnishing style, there are countless wall shelf designs to choose from. Some of the options below are based on the type of installation, e.g. B. Fixed bracket wall shelf, floating shelves, built-in wall shelf, freestanding elements and hanging shelves. Others are based on design or style such as crescent wall shelving, triangular or hexagonal shelving, asymmetrical placement of compartments within the unit, etc. Some of these designs can work with a variety of installation types. For example, a kitchen corner shelf can be mounted floating or fixed, or a wooden corner shelf for the living room or bedroom design as a built-in or free-standing unit. We’ve selected fifteen popular and popular options for modern wall shelf designs and a variety of shelf types for different rooms in the home.

Whether you live in a studio apartment or a sprawling mansion, you have a limited square footage to work with. There is not much floor space to accommodate furniture, appliances, decorations, and most importantly, storage. The smaller the space, the fewer opportunities to store and display your beloved items. This is where the walls come into play. Walls are the unused element in every room and provide much-needed vertical space. If you’re not sure how to use your vertical space, we recommend floating shelves. Floating shelves are named for the floating appearance they get from hidden hardware. They are chic, minimalist and great for decorating or storage.

The best floating shelf ideas combine functionality with style. No matter your decorating style, floating shelves can be incorporated into your space. You can use them in the kitchen to store extra dishes or eliminate cabinets. In the bedroom, opt for floating shelves as part of your closet furnishings or use them to display family photos or your book collection. There are endless possibilities. Floating shelves take up less space than traditional shelving systems due to their “lack” of visible fasteners.

Now that you know all the options for floating shelves, you may be wondering where to hang them. We’ve rounded up 15 designer-approved floating shelf ideas for you. Read on for the ultimate shelf inspiration.

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