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Terrazzo Bathroom design ideas & pictures

Terrazzo Bathroom design ideas & pictures

71 unusual terrazzo bathroom decor ideas
Fancy bathroom decoration idea cover made of terrazzo
Terrazzo is back after many years and is now back again – a great alternative to stone and marble, cheaper, stylish and eye-catching, with many looks and colors and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. As far as interiors go, terrazzo is more commonly used in bathrooms and kitchens, and today’s roundup will give you some ideas on how to use terrazzo in bathrooms, but first let’s find out

What is Terrazzo?
This is a vintage material generally made of marble chips, glass, cement and resin. Terrazzo has come a long way since the 15th century. It was first invented in Italy 500 years ago. What was once considered an economical alternative to marble, terrazzo has become a very versatile material in demand by consumers following the trend.

Walls and floors
Terrazzo is often used to cover walls and floors in bathrooms because it is durable, water-resistant, and does not cost as much as marble or other stones. You can combine different colors, larger or smaller prints and looks. Terrazzo can be used for many spaces, from minimalist to mid-century modern spaces. The main thing is to choose the appearance and colors correctly. Terrazzo floors go well with different types of tiles, but don’t use too many different prints together.

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