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Tiny Home Interior Ideas

Tiny Home Interior Ideas

If you’re thinking about upgrading to a tiny home, you’re not alone: According to a recent survey of 2,000 Americans, 56% of people would live in a tiny home and 86% would consider one for their first home purchase. The tiny house movement is booming, so there are more tried-and-true options for tiny home interior design than ever before.

The benefits of a tiny home go beyond the price. Tiny homes are eco-friendly and use 90% less energy than traditional homes. Because all United Tiny Homes are DMV compliant, you can move them around the country for affordable adventures.

In inflated real estate markets like California and New York, you can be a homeowner with a tiny home. Many families also choose tiny homes as affordable vacation cabins.

But what about the interior design?

Because the space of a tiny home is limited, many assume that tiny homes can only have a few pieces of furniture and a minimalist aesthetic, but that is not necessarily the case. In all art, including home design, setting greater boundaries leads to greater creativity in the finished product.

Interior design for a tiny home is often more efficient, innovative and interesting than designs in traditional homes. Plus, because choosing a tiny home saves you upfront and over time, you can invest more money in every element of your design to achieve a luxurious result on a budget.

Tips for every small interior design
Before we dive into tiny home design ideas, there are a few principles that apply to the interior design of any tiny home.

Let the sunshine in
Natural light is crucial for any living space. It has scientifically proven benefits for mood, and windows blur the line between indoors and outdoors, making a room appear larger than it is. A well-placed window can give even a small bathroom a wide-open feel.

When you buy a small house, you place great importance on windows. An all-white or light-colored interior won’t feel airy without lots of natural light in your tiny home. All United Tiny Homes options feature multiple large windows mounted high on the walls to allow for maximum natural light. Tiny skylights for private homes are another great option.

Everything is memory
Tiny homes were originally for minimalists, but today the tiny home movement is expanding. You no longer have to part with most of your belongings to live small, as long as you’re smart about how you store them. Choose pieces that combine function and storage space in creative ways to get the most out of your small interior design.

Hollow stools offer premium storage space. If you choose a kitchen countertop instead of a table, you can slide in stools to create more space. Floating shelves provide additional storage space without adding bulk. Even your stairwell and interior walls can double as storage spaces, as United Tiny Homes builds smart cabinets and cubbies into every available surface.

Take advantage of outdoor living areas
Tiny homes vary in square footage, but an easy way to spread out is with outdoor living areas. With the Seville model from United Tiny Homes, it is possible to add two levels of porch space to the generous 500 square feet of interior space. One advantage of tiny house living is the freedom to move around in an ideal climate, making it entirely possible to spend time outdoors most of the year.

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