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Tire Garden Ideas for Your Yard

Tire Garden Ideas for Your Yard

A tire garden is an upcycling project where gardeners convert used or recycled tires into planters that can hold a variety of plants, from vegetables to flowering shrubs. Recycled tires make great planters because they are sturdy and can withstand cold temperatures, high winds and rain. They’re also deep enough for plants to root, and you can poke holes in them to encourage water drainage. When tires heat up in the sun, the soil dries faster, keeping dirt warm and preventing root rot. It is also easier to control weed growth in tire gardens since the enclosed environment means that the weeds cannot spread as easily.

You can create a tire garden by filling a used tire with soil and then planting seeds or plants of your choice. Stack the hoops to create raised beds, or use individual hoops as separate and enclosed planters. Add a pop of color by painting the outside of the hoop planters to match your garden design or landscaping.

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