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Turning Your Derelict Drive into a Flower Facilitator!

Turning Your Derelict Drive into a Flower Facilitator!

Here are some inspirations to turn car parts into gardening tools. Make sure you scrub and rinse them before placing them in your flower bed to avoid spilling harmful liquids into the soil.Tires are easily the most useful and versatile vehicle component to have in your yard. Such high performance rubbers can withstand direct exposure to the elements for years. Stack them to act as planters, or cut them in half to use as tougheners for smaller plant beds.Mount a tire rim on the side of your shed as a hose reel that will keep the rubber from getting tangled.Rip out these seat cushions to use as firm padding to sit on while digging in the dirt. Or tear off the fabric and use it to tie or line the bed.Use car parts as garden tools. Install the vehicle engine

If your derelict vehicle is a pickup truck, use the tailgate as a bench, supported on either end by log disks.Drive these large metal springs into the ground to use as a makeshift tomato cage or support for vertical vines.Use the more colorful car components – like the brake light lens or license plates – as decorative pieces.Thread small gears, washers and other hollow metal parts as wind chimes.Rinse out the cleaning water/cooling water tank and store the storage tank for water, fertilizer, etc.

Strip those straps and chains to use as sturdy anchors. These seat belts are practical ties and their buckles can make them removable/reusable.Turn this plastic bumper upside down to use its concave shape as a flower bed; Drill holes for drainage!Throw these mats on the floor of your shed or garage to wipe off your shoes and soak up mud. They are easily washable when dirty.Glass from windshields and windows can be mounted to create small greenhouses for weather protection and controlled shade.Mount door handles and window winders as hooks to hang tools or as door/drawer handles. Run the exhaust pipe through your garden and drill holes along it to create a simple watering system.The car itself makes a lovely centerpiece for the garden, growing vine plants and using the engine bay for herbs. The hood can protect the plants from the midday heat.

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