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Unique Ideas for Indoor Garden Under Stairs

Unique Ideas for Indoor Garden Under Stairs

The empty space under the stairs can be used for many different purposes, you can store things there, set up a mini library, a dog house, a pantry, a mini bar or a small closet, etc. There are many other ideas for the base of the stairs depending on what type of room you have there you can decide.

But the idea that best suits the area under the stairs and also looks good is creating an indoor garden under the stairs. The only requirement for this is bright indirect light, or you can also use artificial light. So, don’t waste your time and use this space smartly and attractively by checking the given options.

Of all the home design challenges we’ve faced, figuring out how to style that awkward space under the stairs is probably the most fun. Tricky, yes, but mostly just fun. We like to think of it as a puzzle that’s satisfying to solve – except this one has outcomes that actually pay off. Whether you want a cozy reading nook, need more storage space, or have been thinking about building a powder room, the possibilities in this humble little nook are endless. So read on for 16 clever and stylish ideas to help you utilize the space under your stairs.

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