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Vertical Garden Ideas for Backyard

Vertical Garden Ideas for Backyard

The recent trend of vertical gardening is becoming more widespread as gardeners channel their inspiration to new heights of creativity. Gardens are no longer confined to just the ground beneath their feet, but take shape in a number of unique directions, from repurposing old furniture into planters to converting birdhouses and teapots into miniature thriving garden spaces. Gone are the days of strict garden design; Today, vertical gardening ideas are all about showing off the textures, colors and vibrancy of plants in fresh new ways. And while they probably won’t suit different types of evergreen trees, they can still add a lot of greenery to your home.

Although vertical gardens are not limited to small spaces, they are ideal for these areas as they offer an opportunity to artfully and efficiently maximize space. The design of a vertical garden can be simple or complex, depending on your desire; Gardeners are only limited by their imagination. When choosing the type of plant, it is also important to consider the growing conditions. Plastic PVC sheeting serves as a water barrier when lining items that serve as planters. Felt rug pads serve as a medium to hold your plants in place and are an excellent material as they retain water while resisting rot.

While it’s not always easy to see things from a new perspective, below are 50 fascinating ideas that will serve as a guide and inspiration for beautifying your home landscape.

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