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Wonderful nautical style decoration for summer inspiration

Style more, but not exclusively for summer decorationsince the specific style is not only in the color but also in the use of elements such as engravings, seascapes, vintage wooden and metal objects related to… the sea, combined with furniture in the natural wood tones and some decorative details in Shades of blue, can “stand” all year round, even in a house…many kilometers from the nearest beach.

An alternative for those who love this special atmosphere, but do not want the overall configuration of the room in this style, is to create a … sea corner, either in one place with a small sofa – armchair – table and a similar style in colors and fabrics can be created, or in furniture with open storage spaces, e.g. libraries – shelves and a buffet, a console table, etc., placed on and around the items that match the particular style.

Of course in country houses and houses by the sea that Navy style can be used with greater… exaggeration and in spaces designed entirely with the specific atmosphere and exclusively in shades of blue and white.

A style that can serve both the classic and the… beautifully countryThe rustic and the modern style of decoration, depending on the objects and patterns of the fabrics used on a case-by-case basis, while objects made of mat, wood or metal and DIY constructions made of natural … seafood are one of the most suitable elements with the Nautical style in interior design.

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