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Amazing Flower Pot Ideas For Your Front Porch

Amazing Flower Pot Ideas For Your Front Porch

Are you looking for flower pot ideas to dress up your porch? Great!

This lineup has the prettiest flower pot arrangements and color combinations! But first, let’s cover some basics to ensure your flower pots thrive!

That’s the first thing to consider when assembling a flower pot! Where will your pots be? Are they hidden under a shady porch? Or are they blasted with afternoon sun? Maybe they are a combination of both! This is probably the most important consideration when buying annual flowers to fill your pots.

Luckily, most flower and garden sections are organized by sun exposure! Once you know which species will grow best in your pots, be sure to shop at the department that stocks plants best suited to your space!

Here’s a little flower pot design secret… Most beautiful flower pots follow a general height, fill and overflow structure. Of course, you don’t have to follow this literally, but it’s a great rule of thumb for creating beautiful pots with lots of visual interest. For height, allow for tall grasses and vertical reeds that can be placed towards the back of the arrangement. For the filling, just pick your favorite flowers! And for abundance, look for low-lying ground covers or creeping plants that drape well.

Ok, I think you’re ready to put together a beautiful floral arrangement. But let’s not forget one important thing! If you want your flower pots to grow as magnificently as the photos below, you need to feed them! We like to eat and so do our flowers! It’s a pretty simple idea, but it’s amazing how many people forget! If you consistently feed your flowers with plant fertilizer, they will be vibrant and full.

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