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Beautiful Garden Trellis Ideas

Beautiful Garden Trellis Ideas

A trellis can add lots of cottage garden charm to your small plot or collection of patio plants. And while you can buy a great trellis online or at your local garden center, you can make one too. Here we have compiled a range of unique DIY trellis ideas ranging from beginner to intermediate. You can make a cheap trellis from cut seedlings and twine. Or, if you’re savvy with power tools, you can build an impressive freestanding pergola or eye-catching honeycomb design to dress up a fence (see idea number 5).

Whether you need structure for romantic flowering vines like roses, clematis or mandevilla – or on the more practical side vegetables like cucumbers or runner beans – a trellis can take a variety of forms. It can be a towering obelisk, an arch to mark a path or entrance, a leaning ladder for peas to climb, or an attachment to a wall or fence. A large, flat trellis can also be used as a privacy screen or partition for a patio or garden space.

Looking for something to use in place of a trellis? Try reusing a salvaged window, ladder, or pallet—with a little ingenuity, you can even turn a set of old gardening tools into a trellis-like structure (see idea #24). One thing is for sure, whatever your skill level, budget, purpose, or style, whether modern or rustic, you’ll find a trellis project idea to suit you here. Have fun crafting!

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