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Best Boho-Style Bedroom Ideas

Best Boho-Style Bedroom Ideas

Boho-style bedrooms reflect the essence of a carefree, eclectic design philosophy that is as inviting as it is personal.

When I think about creating a bohemian sanctuary, I imagine a space full of color, texture, and life, with each element reflecting my own journey and style preferences.

The beauty of boho decor lies in its inherent freedom, allowing for a mix of patterns, materials and artifacts that may seem different but come together in my room to create a harmonious and comfortable retreat.

Go dark boho style

While many boho spaces tend to be light and airy, don’t be afraid to take a walk on the dark side.

Deep, dramatic walls in hues like midnight blue, emerald green and eggplant purple create an exotic and atmospheric backdrop suitable for any number of boho styles.

Finish off the room with contrasting, bright white bedding and natural wood furniture.

Then combine plenty of texture with wool throws, velvet cushions and shag rugs for ultimate coziness.


Add contrasting pops of color with patterned pillows, ceramic lamps and fresh flowers.

For artistic flair, decorate the walls with macrame curtains, woven tapestries or abstract art prints. A canopy over the bed draped with sheer white or neutral linen can help brighten the saturated walls.

Rich blackwood nightstands and carved accents also complement the dramatic colors.


From exotic to elegant, deep, dramatic hues will make your boho bedroom feel both glamorous and serene.

Simply brighten up the darkness with lots of candles, fresh flowers, and bright accent lighting.

Tropical accents in boho style


Add a touch of the tropics to your boho-chic bedroom with natural and exotic accents.

Incorporate elements like woven baskets, rattan furniture, bamboo umbrellas and faux fur throws to embody the carefree and globally inspired aesthetic.

Bring green leafy plants or dried palms in woven or terracotta planters to complement the natural fibers and textures.

Accent the walls with removable tropical wallpaper or canvas prints with jungle scenes and palm trees.

Use teal and aqua blue tones in your home furnishings such as bedding, curtains and pillowcases to evoke tropical waters.

Mix it all up with wooden furniture, beaded room dividers, macrame wall hangings and handmade pottery for an earthy, artisan base.

The mix of natural materials and global patterns creates a relaxed, bohemian bedroom oasis with an exotic flair.

Sunny yellow tones


Brighten up your bohemian-style bedroom with bright, sunny yellow accents.

Paint a wall or just the ceiling a cheerful shade of daffodil or lemon to instantly lift the mood.

Incorporate patterns like cheerful polka dots, retro sunbeams, or geometric triangles in mustard yellow and faded citrine tones on pillows, rugs, and exposed bed frames.

Look for hand-me-down pieces like an antique vanity, armoire, or nightstand and give them new life with a coat of pale primrose or buttercream chalk paint.

Complement the warm, golden colors with natural rattan, woven grass or bamboo pendant lights and retro table lamps for a cohesive, sunny style.


Add accents with cheerful sunflower art prints, macrame tapestries, and fresh flowers like marigolds to really enjoy the brightness.

With shades of yellow ranging from soft butter to bold chartreuse, add the brightness of the summer sun to your bohemian bedroom all year round.

Blue bedroom in boho style


Embrace your free-spirited side by bringing calming blue tones into a relaxed, boho-style bedroom.

Choose a statement accent wall in a muted hue like powder blue, robin’s egg, or periwinkle, and add accents with white, wood grain, or neutral textures.

For an artisanal touch, incorporate layers of airy cotton linens with blue paisley prints, tie-dye or ikat patterns.

Display handmade ceramics, framed sea glass collections, driftwood or vintage glass rafts found on coastal trips that complement the blue and white palette.

Add a touch of meditation room vibe with a woven side chair, a macrame wall hanging, or printed meditative affirmations framed behind your bed.


Opt for unfinished, reclaimed, or whitewashed wood furniture for a beach house feel.

Finally, tie it all together with tactile elements like linen curtains, woven rugs in sandy neutrals, and lots of real and faux plants for a relaxed boho oasis with a blue color palette reminiscent of tranquil seaside getaways.

Calming neutrals in a boho style


Create a tranquil, boho-style retreat for your bedroom with the grounding warmth of neutral tones.

Layer natural linen bedding in soothing cream and almond tones, complemented by rattan nightstands and woven wool throws in tan or gray.

Soothe the senses with a textural mix of natural sisal or jute rugs underfoot and tactile macrame tapestries on the walls.

Incorporate driftwood, stoneware vases, and artwork in black-and-white or sepia tones for a calm contrast.

Neutral walls like sand, chalk white, or light clay allow you to add pops of color without overwhelming the space with patterned pillows, fresh greenery, and bright candles.


Add relaxed seating like a padded bench at the end of the bed or a rattan papasan chair to relax in this calm palette.

The minimalist mix of ivory, brown, gray and earth tones creates a cozy yet airy boho bedroom that evokes the feeling of a peaceful desert retreat.

Add accents with iron hardware, antique chests and natural wood furniture to allow the subtle, neutral color scheme to shine.

Modern boho style bedroom


Give your bedroom a modern boho vibe with a thoughtful mix of elegant and organic textures.

Start by painting an accent wall black or dark gray to serve as an eye-catching backdrop. Combine this with a platform bed frame made of light wood and bright white bed linen for contrast.

Incorporate modern elements like concrete planters, curved metal pendants, and framed minimalist art alongside scalloped rattan mirrors, woven baskets, and faux fur throws.

Bring in an ornate vintage rug in faded jewel tones to complement the neutral walls and bedding while giving it heirloom quality.

Choose a standout piece of furniture like a sculptural bedside table or a modern yet organic freeform chair as the focal point.


Add personal touches like photos, books, and art pieces displayed on floating wooden shelves instead of crowded surfaces for a curated look.

The mix of modern finishes such as matte black or brushed brass metallic with reclaimed wood, rattan and vintage rugs creates an inviting bohemian environment with a sophisticated contemporary twist for the modern boho bedroom.

Bright and airy boho style bedroom


Welcome the morning light in a cheerful and airy boho-style sleeping area.

Paint the walls a soft white or light sky blue and install sheer linen curtains in ivory or oatmeal to keep the room light and airy.

Natural textures like jute, seagrass and sisal are great for rugs and tapestries that complement the tranquil backdrop.

Incorporate carved wooden furniture, bedside tables made from woven rattan baskets, and a simple metal or wooden four-poster bed frame for an earthy base.

Liven up neutral bedding with handmade quilts or colorful patterned throws and accent pillows with bohemian prints from global artisans.

Floating shelves, macrame wall hangings, and potted vines and succulents add organic greenery.


The relaxed mix of weathered woods, airy linens and artisanal accents inspire joy and creativity.

Finally, display special collectibles such as colored glass, shells and vintage photos to add a personal boho flair to this bright and airy urban oasis.

Sophisticated bedroom in boho style


Achieve a bohemian style with a sophisticated touch by combining natural textures with elegant accents.

Choose a muted color palette like beige, gray and cream and layer it with lush textures like linen bedding and velvet pillows.

Incorporate luxe details like crown molding, chandeliers, and antique mirrors alongside handcrafted elements like woven stools, macrame wall hangings, and reclaimed wood nightstands.

Presenting a mix of modern, minimalist prints and ornate vintage oriental rugs to seamlessly blend eras and styles. Complement country-style wooden furniture with select gold, marble or glass decorative items for boho glamour.

Sheer linen curtains, fresh-cut flowers, and ample candlelight add effortless luxury and keep the space airy and bright.

The mix of weathered and modern, artful and minimalist design creates a light and sophisticated bohemian aesthetic that still feels inviting, relaxed and completely unique to the discerning globetrotter.


End the event with personal travel memories and collected treasures proudly displayed as wall art and treasured keepsakes.

Hotel room details


Bring the worldly, relaxed vibe of a boutique hotel to your bohemian bedroom.

Start with calming, neutral walls and bedding, accented by colorful patterned pillows artfully stacked at your headboard.

Look for unique, lightweight bedspreads like Mexican sand-washed linen or vintage saris made into quilts that add texture and interest.

Incorporate natural elements with wicker baskets, rattan side tables, jute rugs and potted plants. Add faux fur throws, macrame wall hangings and prayer flags for global details.

Display collected travel items like oriental fans, beach glass or vintage maps alongside scented candles and fresh flowers.

Small details such as ball lights, chests as side tables and trays full of jewelry and perfume bottles create a wanderlust atmosphere.

Use a chalkboard or framed bulletin board to display photos of adventures near and far.

The mix of natural fibers, curated memories and exotic accents will make your bedroom feel like a calm, bohemian urban retreat.


Boho style charm


Exude carefree, eclectic charm with bohemian-style bedroom decor.

Choose a relaxed color palette like sky blue walls or neutral linen bedding as a blank canvas and create character through layers of texture and pattern.

Macrame wall hangings, embellished rugs, and canopy curtains over the bed add dimension and intrigue.

Look for weathered wooden furniture, be it upcycled finds or antique pieces, to create an earthy base.

Add accents with handmade ceramic vases, hand-woven baskets and colorful glass lanterns. Bring items collected from your travels such as hand-printed textiles, colorful artwork, or unique decorative items to give the room a well-loved, global feel.


Embrace imperfection with mismatched side tables, tarnished mirrors, and eclectic arrangements of meaningful keepsakes.

The freedom to combine colors, textures and popular items makes every boho bedroom unique.

Finally, fresh cut flowers, lush plants and natural light give the space refreshing vitality.

Use the bohemian style as a basis for carefree creative expression and charm.

Moody in boho style

Add playful whimsy to your bohemian bedroom with unexpected, imaginative touches.

Paint a wall a dramatic jewel tone like sapphire blue or emerald green to contrast with neutral walls and linens as a backdrop.

Incorporate patterns and textures like brocade bed hangings, a Moroccan trellis rug, or embroidered throw pillows for flights of fancy.

Display your most prized collectibles, from colorful art glass to quirky furniture pieces, in corners and shelves, not just closets.

Choose lighting that makes a statement, like paper lanterns or an ornate metal chandelier, to create an old-world storybook atmosphere.

Soften hard edges by hanging billowy fabric over windows, draping over headboards, or even hanging from the ceiling for a whimsical tent effect.

The childlike wonder of a four-poster daybed replete with fringed pillows and stuffed animals also taps into the whimsy of boho style.

With an eclectic mix of vibrant colors, treasured keepsakes, and playful textures, your bohemian bedroom will become an adult wonderland.

Jewel colored boho style

Make a stunning, colorful statement in your boho-chic bedroom with rich jewel-tone accents.

Start with a muted wall color like gray or brown, then combine bold hues with bedding, rugs, and decor pieces.

Combine emerald green and sapphire blue with ornate paisley patterns on lush duvet covers, shimmering pillows and an antique oriental rug beneath your feet.

Weave stripes of amethyst purple and topaz yellow with a dyed tapestry, scented candles, throw blankets, and bohemian-style printed artwork.

Let the dramatic colors shine against neutral elements like linen curtains, whitewashed wood furniture, and a jute rug for an earthy color palette.

The vibrant, jewel-toned pieces combined with relaxed natural textures and materials create an inviting, free-spirited space.

Finally, display treasured travel essentials and unique collectibles around the room and let the vibrant colors and global designs take center stage to create a bohemian-style bedroom with rich, mood-enhancing hues.

Muted color schemes

Create a tranquil bohemian bedroom retreat with a calming, muted color palette.

For larger areas like walls, bedding, and window treatments, stick with soft neutrals like cream, gray, and light blue, then weave calm tones like sage green, dusky pink, and butter yellow through layers of textures and patterns.

Incorporate faded oriental rugs, macrame wall hangings in soft hues, pillows and throws with muted tribal patterns, and soft ombre-dyed bedding.

Look for gently worn wooden furniture, weathered leather stools, and handcrafted ceramics to ground the space.

Let the subtle, earthy color scheme take center stage by keeping the furniture and fixtures simple – a metal-framed four-poster bed, rattan side tables and linen curtains allow the muted color palette to shine.

Finally, introduce found objects, framed botanical sketches, and a handful of plants in subtle planters to create a calm but thoughtful boho style with whisper-soft colors.

The result is a relaxed urban sanctuary, enveloped in the gentle comfort of the faded and weathered

Colorful boho

Want to add a fun, eclectic vibe to your bedroom?

The colorful boho style is a great way to create a space that is vibrant, cozy and completely unique.

When it comes to decorating, don’t be afraid to use bold, rich hues like emerald green, sapphire blue, or rich eggplant purple on accent walls or in artwork and textiles.

You can balance these vibrant tones with natural wood furniture, airy linen bedding in neutral ivory or white, and lots of plants for an earthy vibe.

For a boho vibe, pair the pattern with block-print pillows, woven wall hangings, and ornately patterned rugs.

Bring free-spirited artwork with exotic motifs or abstract watercolors and let your personality shine through in every decor choice.

With a colorful, eclectic boho vibe, you’re sure to have the coolest, calmest escape that reflects your unique spirit.

Tactile boho bedroom design

When you imagine your dream boho retreat, think about layers of textures and fabrics that invite you to touch.

Give your bedroom a tactile feel with wool blankets, soft velvet and corduroy pillows and cozy shaggy rugs that you can sink into.

Mix natural materials like cotton, linen, jute and rattan for an earthy vibe, and play with weaves like macrame and crochet to add visual interest.

Incorporate handcrafted ceramic lamps with interesting shapes, carved wooden furniture with detailed work, and plenty of wicker baskets for blankets, plants, and boho accessories for display.

When it comes to fabrics, look out for indigenous prints, embroidery, fringe and tassels on cushions or wall hangings.

With a bedroom that has tactile temptations around every corner, you’re sure to create the perfect boho escape, where textures dazzle the eye and invite touch.

Let your space appeal to multiple senses and provide the ultimate in cozy tranquility.

Patterns that define a boho bedroom

Patterns and textiles form the basis for a boho atmosphere in the bedroom.

Apply an abundance of intricate prints and weaves, combining variety and contrast for a versatile style.

Block print throws with paisley and floral motifs instantly evoke a world traveler aesthetic.

Combine these with Turkish kilim cushions or rugs with intricate details for extra appeal. You can also incorporate Native American-inspired patterns like arrowheads, dream catchers, or Navajo geometric designs.

Keep walls, bedding, and furniture in neutral colors like ivory and tan to prevent crowding and allow the dazzling patterns to take center stage.

Combine textiles like crochet blankets with Aboriginal dot art or Suzani embroidered tapestries with tie-dye mudcloth prints.

Featuring a range of exotic patterns from cultures around the world, you’ll transport guests straight to a free-spirited boho retreat that reflects the beauty of indigenous craftsmanship.

Layered bohemian bedroom ideas with decor

Creating a beautifully layered boho bedroom is all about mixing textures, patterns, and colors, collecting pieces over time for an eclectic style.

Start with a blank canvas with walls in white or neutral tones to allow your decor layers to shine.

Incorporate woven accents like a vibrant Turkish rug, macrame wall hangings, or a wicker headboard to create organic texture.

Next, dress the bed with cream linen or cotton linens and pile up the dreamy layers with wool throws, embroidered bedspreads, and vintage quilts in a variety of prints.

Don’t be afraid to combine patterns and fabrics to reinforce the boho character. Accent with handmade ceramics and carved wood nightstands to continue the artisan style.

Finally, add personality to your unique collection of travel jewelry, artwork, books and houseplants.

Let your amazing flea market finds, antique shops, and your own global adventures come together in an ever-evolving sanctuary that’s all yours.

Vintage character and cultural treasures effortlessly blend together in the boho bedroom.

Low profiles and high boho style decor

When designing a bohemian-style retreat, think about simple and lush furniture paired with decor that climbs the walls.

Choose a platform bed frame covered with stacks of comfortable textiles and placed low to the ground to create an ultra-cozy nest.

Expand the boho lounge with floor cushions, cotton macrame poufs and handwoven wool rugs, all kept minimal in height.

This leaves plenty of space to display your boho-style treasures while keeping larger furniture low for lounging.

Next, draw the eye upward by adding woven wall hangings such as dream catchers, beaded rugs, and plant-filled macramés to the ceiling.

Add accents with floating corner shelves that showcase your exotic artifact, ceramic and glass collections.

Also use ribbon to hang artwork and mirrors above eye level, playing with height and dimension.

With cozy, enveloping furniture below and whimsical accents on the walls above, you create a dimensional boho retreat that’s practical for lounging but also filled with visual intrigue all around.

Boho style tones and textures

Welcome an earthy warmth to your boho bedroom with natural clay tones and textured ceramic accents that reflect an artisan style.

Use terracotta and sandy beige tones when painting walls or choosing bedding and curtains for a grounded base.

Incorporate ceramic lamps, vases, and bowls, and opt for handmade whenever possible to bring organic, uneven shapes into the room.

Proudly display your clay collections on open shelves or stacked boxes for a curated feel. Opt for a sun-drenched color palette of reds, browns and oranges that are directly reminiscent of a Moroccan medina.

Also add touches of regional clay artwork, like Peruvian pottery with alpaca motifs or free-form garden stools with a Raku-fired finish.

For the ultimate touch of adobe coziness, consider installing a highly inviting Southwestern adobe kiva fireplace.

Grounded in the earthiness of tone yet enriched with handcrafted artifacts from around the globe, your boho bedroom will exude a humble sophistication.

Plants go with everything

If you enjoy the free-spirited vibe of boho decor, let lush greenery become a central element to bring organic life and freshness to your space.

Ferns, vines and leafy greens go with everything from airy rattan and white linen to colorful textiles and wood tones.

Create an indoor urban jungle around your bedroom by adding floating shelves with hanging spider plants, tillandsia air plants or arching fiddle leaf figs.

Allow English ivy or philodendrons to creep gracefully over woven curtains, headboards, and macrame wall art.

Place potted palms, monstera or pothos in rattan baskets on the ground to create a connection to nature. Herb gardens displayed on window sills also convey calm through their scent and texture.

And what better addition to your bedroom would be a selection of flowering plants like orchids and bromeliads that embody the artistic charm of boho style?

Lush greenery, vines and blooms allow you to harness nature’s beauty while filtering your air. An abundance of plants sets the stage for the ultimate boho retreat.

Warm lighting and accessories in boho style

The warm lighting exudes an inviting glow and sets the right mood for cozy boho luxury.

Opt for table lamps with shades made of natural linen or hemp in earth tones, which cast a calming, tangerine glow in the evening.

Candles of all shapes and sizes also make great boho accent lighting.

Arrange molten columns, curved bases, and etched glass votive candles on nightstands and dressers to create a flickering, amber glow. For the ultimate hygge appeal, install a standalone fireplace or wood-burning stove to provide irresistible warmth and additional ambient lighting.

Complement these light sources with brass, copper or wood-colored table lamps, wall lights and chandeliers.

Finally, incorporate lampshades and bulbs with a soft orange tint, or opt for smart bulbs that let you control color and dimming to create just the right mood.

Paired with pillows, throws, rugs and neutral furnishings in creamy ivory and earthy auburn, your boho bedroom will envelop you with a warm welcome feeling.

A minimalist base

The key to the perfect boho bedroom aesthetic is to start with a neutral, minimalist base and then add layers of patterns, textures and colors.

Start by painting the walls a light shade like airy white, beige, or light gray to open up the space.

Next, opt for a simple wooden bed frame with crisp white linens and lots of airy bedding.

You want the foundations to be clean and neutral to make small spaces seem more spacious.

Float the bed away from the walls for an effortless boho vibe. Keep any additional furniture minimalist, too—think a single woven bench or wicker chair paired with a wooden side table or console table.

This creates space for boho accessories. Once you’ve set up the serene backdrop, you can playfully mix and match layers of rugs, pillows, throws and artwork without risking being overwhelmed.

A muted, minimalist base allows your bohemian finds to take center stage in a space that feels curated rather than cluttered.

Handcrafted wall art

Add tons of artistic personality to your bohemian bedroom with an eclectic gallery display of handmade wall art.

Macrame tapestries woven from natural fibers make great focal points over the bed, or woven cotton rag rugs make colorful abstract pieces.

Display ethnic mudcloth paintings or tie-dye fabric hangings you’ve picked up from your travels for global inspiration.

Create your own DIY wall art using clay pots, plates or glass bottles found at flea markets to mount floating shelves.

Paint meaningful symbols, shapes and designs for fully personalized pieces. Frame vintage scarves, sarongs or embroidered handkerchiefs to add pattern and texture.

Or arrange collected finds like hand-carved walking sticks, painted pumpkin masks or floral wreaths in shadow boxes for exotic appeal.

Based on folk and indigenous art, the possibilities for handcrafted wall decorations in the boho home are endless.

Let your sophisticated collections and unique creations shine as you decorate your dreamy walls with artistic flair and personality.

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