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Boho Patio Ideas For A Cool And Cozy Outdoor Space

Bohemian or boho style is relaxed, comfortable and carefree. If hippie sixties and early seventies style appeals to you, why not create a boho backyard? This natural, slightly airy style is well suited to the garden and is not difficult to create. What is Bohemian Patio Décor about? The modern boho style stems from the era of free-spirited hippie culture in the 1960s. The term Bohemian comes from the Bohemia region in the Czech Republic. As a style and culture, bohemian actually dates back more than 200 years. It was used in Europe to describe exotic and artistic people, including Roma.

Today, boho is an updated style that takes elements from that long history. When it comes to boho porch decor, don’t think twice. Be inspired by nature and your own garden. Use lots of textures, patterns and natural materials. Add plenty of comfortable seating with pillows and blankets.