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Giving a Majesty Palm the Proper Care to Thrive

Giving a Majesty Palm the Proper Care to Thrive

The majesty palm can be grown as an outdoor plant and as a houseplant. The majestic palm tree gives you an elegant feel that can add a tropical look to a garden or living room.

Is a majesty palm a good houseplant?
The majesty palm is a popular houseplant. It is a slow growing plant that you will enjoy for years.

Houseplant Majesty Palm Care and Maintenance
The slow-growing majesty palm grows up to 3 meters tall as a houseplant. The plant grows between 8 and 12 inches annually. You will most likely need to repot it every two years. A telltale sign that it’s time to repot is the appearance of roots at the soil line. Just make sure you choose a new flower pot that is 2 inches larger in diameter so that your majesty palm has room to spread out.

Pot with drainage holes
The majestic palm tree has no wet feet. This means that you need to choose a pot with drainage holes so that the water can drain away.

How often do you water a majesty palm?You never want the soil in your majesty palm flower pot to dry out. Typically, you water your palm tree weekly. Be careful not to let the tips of the fronds dry out. If this happens or the leaves turn brown, the plant has dried out and needs to be watered immediately.

Moisture requirements for Majesty Palm Care

The biggest maintenance and care issue for your majesty palm is ensuring a moist environment. Humidity is not a desirable air quality for the interior of a home.

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