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Decorate with large indoor plants

Decorate with large indoor plants

The transformative power of plants cannot be denied. At Monrovia, we’ve spent almost a century growing the best of them. So when it comes to bringing the magic of plants indoors, we’re all about it. We approach growing indoor plants with the same rigorous attention to detail and quality as our outdoor plants. We believe you will be able to tell when you bring them home.

Bringing these plants into your space means you don’t have to wait years for them to grow tall and lush. Our craftsmen have already done this for you. That is why they are the perfect plants for home decor. They are not experiments for your windowsill. They are living works of art that will take your interior space to the next level. The mature size and lush health also make them great housewarming gifts. Watch this video to learn the secret of why our houseplants are so big and full. Even if you pick them up from the store.

If you’re ready to add the elegance of plants to your office, living room or kitchen, we’re here to help. Below are houseplant decorating ideas, care tips, and plant lists. Have a question about houseplants that we haven’t covered? Leave a comment below.

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