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Gardens decorated in romantic, urban, boho style and a lot of charm

Gardens decorated in romantic, urban, boho style and a lot of charm

There is no need to leave the house to enjoy the good weather. Be inspired by these ideas and transform your garden or patio into a space that exudes charm.

When the weather is nice, the terraces, gardens and balconies become our second room. The key is choosing the patio furniture that best suits your space, arranging it correctly and deciding what hours of the day you want to enjoy it terrace, courtyard. Take a look at these tips to get your distribution and decoration right and get the most out of it.


Terraces, gardens and patios only becomes irresistible with a chic & cool presentation. On your list of must-haves are natural plants that stand up well to the heat, like lush flowering petunias and cacti, succulents and aromatic rosemary, lavenderThyme and Santolina.

For example, hang trendy motifs from the ceiling, decorative garlands and dream catchers, or paper ornaments; and bet on wall decoration with metallic geometries or natural fiber designs, summery posters and banners. Lay down a rug or several pads for the floor, it will look like you have a new terrace.

To fully experience beautiful summer nights, lighting is the key factor. Backlit lamps, Verbena lights or LED strips will be your allies.

There are still days of sun and heat to enjoy the garden or the terrace; still firmly in their care if you want to extend the summer feeling a little longer.

Terraces, balconies or patios are indispensable meeting points for every occasion in spring and summer. And it is that these outdoor spaces have many opportunities – whether you live in the city or elsewhere – to become the natural extension of space. The most important? Create comfortable, relaxing and well-decorated living areas. The key is to distribute the available meters very well, to bet at the same time on suggestive lighting and resistant and comfortable materials.

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