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Greenhouses built to take care of plants in any season

Greenhouses built to take care of plants in any season

You will need one of these both for storing the pots in winter and for planting flowers in summer greenhouses. They are creative, they can be arranged right in your garden depending on the space available and you can use them as storage plants in pots or as a mini tool shed.
The following tips, but also the photo gallery will help you to be inspired when it comes to one perfect place to build a greenhouse.

The best place to build it

Before you start the actual construction of this greenhouse, choose the right place for it. A sheltered spot is the right choice to keep your plants safe in winter.

You can also decide to build the house under the shelter of a large tree that has a rich crown. If you opt for a more modern design, you can position this greenhouse as an extension of your home.

Choose the size that suits you

The best thing about a do-it-yourself project is that its size can be customized. Decide on a size that fits exactly your needs, but also the requirements you have for this green box.

The material from which the box is made

In terms of material, you can opt for greenhouses made of metal or wooden structures. For windows and walls, you can even reuse the old windows in your house. Another option would be compact polycarbonate panels.

Find a use for it

Before starting the actual construction, find a use for this place to know how to organize it. Turn it into a tool shed, a space to work in the summer or a place to live Flower when it’s too cold.

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