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How to Care for and Grow Beautiful Rose Succulents

How to Care for and Grow Beautiful Rose Succulents

From succulents that look like rabbits to cacti that resemble tiny dolphins, popular water-storing houseplants come in a variety of interesting shapes and sizes. While many succulents have a spiky, sturdy appearance, there is one particular houseplant that looks as delicate as a flower, namely, just like a rose. Meet the succulent rose, also known as the mountain rose, a real plant that resembles a rose shape.

What is a mountain rose or rose succulent?
With the scientific name Greenovia dodrantalis, the rose succulent is a unique and rare succulent that has become increasingly popular among plant lovers in recent years. Its stunning, rose-shaped leaves and pastel shades make it a must-have for any succulent lover.

Native to the Canary Islands, mountain rose succulents have adapted to their arid environment by developing thick leaves that can store water for long periods of time. This makes them particularly easy to care for, as they only need to be watered sparingly and can withstand drought. But what makes them so special and distinctive from other succulents and houseplants? It is of course an intriguing rose shape! Have you ever seen such a plant? It is the perfect option for the home to impress all incoming guests or even as a romantic and more lasting gift in the form of a rose.

The leaves of the well-known succulent rose are the standout feature of this plant, each one forming a perfect rosette shape resembling a rose blossom. The leaves grow in dense clusters and produce a striking display of pastel tones, ranging from pale green to lavender pink. The edges of the leaves have a delicate, ruffled appearance that adds to the overall beauty of the plant.

Why is this the succulent that looks like a rose?
The mountain rose succulent has a rosette shape with thick, fleshy leaves that overlap in layers. The leaves are green and can have red or purple tips, giving the plant a distinct color contrast. When the plant blooms, it forms a tall stalk with small yellow flowers.

The leaves of the mountain rose give it its characteristic rose-like shape. The leaves are arranged to resemble the petals of a rose. The outermost leaves are larger and surround the smaller inner leaves, creating a dense clump that looks like a rosebud. As the plant grows, the leaves continue to overlap, creating a spiraling effect that gives the plant a fully bloomed pink appearance. That is why this is the succulent that looks like a rose.

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