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Nature-Inspired Living Room Trends

Nature-Inspired Living Room Trends

With many of us cooped up indoors most of the time, sitting in front of computers and typing in dim fluorescent lighting, it’s easy to see why interior designers prefer nature-inspired colors and materials. What better way to make an impact than targeting this trend in your living room? This is probably where you spend most of your time when you’re home. So why not bring a little bit of nature indoors?

Groups of houseplants in corners and on shelves invite a “jungalow” vibe, and natural materials like rattan and jute lighten things up, replacing heavier materials like velvet and damask. Different tones of wood are mixed with passion, earthy colors are very trendy and collecting crystals is no longer just a fad. Want to bring some of the beauty of the great outdoors into your living room? These seven nature-inspired trends can get you there.

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