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Raised Garden Bed Design Ideas

Raised Garden Bed Design Ideas

Raised beds can be as humble or creative as you like using brick, stone or upcycled materials. A raised bed planter can be a temporary or permanent facility for plants to establish and mature. The initial cost of setting up your raised bed will depend on how elaborate you make it. You can build raised beds cheaply or for free if you make raised beds out of old boards or used bricks. Once established, raised beds are no more expensive to maintain than traditional gardens.

Depending on whether it is going to be a permanent or temporary bed will determine the foundation material you use. Some typical materials used for the base of your raised bed can include cardboard, newspaper, concrete, straw, mulch and wood clippings, leaves, grass clippings, rocks, burlap, wool, landscape fabric, and plastic. If you have a large raised bed, consider lining the bottom with large rocks, plastic bottles, or straw to help water drain and not pool or soak the soil. Plan for drainage holes at the bottom of your raised bed planter.

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