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Seductively Serene Screened Porch Ideas

Seductively Serene Screened Porch Ideas

Protected from the elements by a sturdy roof, screened-in porches allow both light and breezes through their insect-proof barrier. A screened in porch is great for seasonal dining and entertaining or just relaxing and enjoying the view.

The veranda has long been the perfect gathering place for summer evenings. While some people prefer an open patio, raised patio, or year-round sun room, screened-in porches have a lot of appeal — and nostalgia, too. Here’s a quick look at some of our favorite quiet and welcoming screened porch ideas.

The large, bright, screened openings of this Minnesota cabin porch allow guests to enjoy the scenic view while protecting them from mosquitoes and other outdoor inconveniences. The timber walls and ceiling blend in with the porch’s natural surroundings, and the smooth, easy-to-clean flooring and hard-wearing decking set make it the perfect spot to kick off sand sandals and freshen up before relaxing in the cabin.

If you enjoy spending a lazy few hours in a hammock, this might be the porch for you. Secluded from the main seating area, the swinging area can become its own private alcove, but is still close enough to the action to provide comfortable seating for a casual get-together.

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