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Most Stylish Rattan Bed Frames

Most Stylish Rattan Bed Frames

Rattan bedsteads need no introduction, but – given that they’ve been experiencing something of a revival of late – we’ll treat you to one anyway. To be clear, rattan bed frames are bed frames made from err, rattan, which refers to a fast-growing vine typically found in tropical jungles. They can also be made from polyethylene, which basically means they are made of plastic and tend to last longer.

We’re really not being dramatic when we say that a good bed frame can really improve your sleep (and your life in general). Whether you want to curl up in a low platform bed after a hard day of everyday living, or you prefer an eye-catching headboard to serve as the backdrop for those all-important late-night selfies.

If you’re looking for the latter, rattan headboards are the easiest way to add a little bohemian mystery to your home. They have a wholesome, traditional quality that you can effortlessly supplement to your heart’s content.


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