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Transform your garden with mermaid’s tail succulent

Transform your garden with mermaid’s tail succulent

If you’ve always wanted to have an enchanted garden, as if it stepped out of a fairy tale, then the… juicy mermaid tail is the perfect plant for you. Botanically known as Senecio vitalis cristata, this plant is a cross between a cactus and a succulent. Read on to learn more about them.

The juicy Mermaid tail has a truly unique appearance and what fascinates is its crest or fasciation, an abnormal growth condition in which the apical meristem, normally concentrated around a point, is lengthened creating tortuous, notched or shaped flattened tissue of ribbons. Fasciation is also known as crestation or crystallization.

This anomaly can be caused by a mutation in the meristematic cells, by parasitic infestation, by bacterial infection, or by chemical or mechanical damage.

Senecio vitalis cristata has gone viral thanks to the fact that many people have shared publications of this plant, which seems to have come from the depths of the sea not only for its mermaid tail shape but also for its greenish-blue color.

The juicy mermaid tail can be 30 to 60 cm high with a width of 90 cm to 150 cm. It is very easy to care for, making it perfect for those with little gardening experience. All you have to do is water when the first 1 inch of substrate is dry.

This beautiful plant is native to South Africa and grows in winter and is dormant in summer. Plant in well-drained soil specially made for cacti and succulents in a sunny or slightly shaded spot.

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