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Wood Slat Wall Ideas for a Modern Home Interior

Wood Slat Wall Ideas for a Modern Home Interior

Wooden slats are ubiquitous in home and garden trends. Join the wood slat wall club in a timeless and tasteful way that still looks stylish as trends come and go. These interior and exterior wood slat wall ideas will give your home a modern style that is classic and versatile.

If you want to embrace the wood slatted wall trend but aren’t sure how you feel about having it in your living spaces, a feature wall in your bedroom is the perfect way to introduce this style into your home. Create a slatted wall behind your bed and see how the structure and movement transforms your ordinary bedroom. Upholstered headboards look chic as a contrast to this modern accent piece.

You may already have a few pieces of wood in your home that you absolutely love. For these pieces, carefully consider the stain or color of your wood slats. If you can’t match the pieces perfectly or are already working with a collection of different colors, create additional contrast with your stain selection. Otherwise, choose a stain color or wood tone that complements the items you already have in the room.

The structure and height of slatted walls are already very noticeable. If you want to add even more drama to your space, paint your slat walls black. This deep color adds depth and plenty of visual interest to a modern style.

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