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Deck Decorating Ideas You’ll Love For Summer Entertaining

Deck Decorating Ideas You’ll Love For Summer Entertaining

They built a patio and have a backyard for relaxing and entertaining. What now? You have to decorate it. These are the finishing touches that turn a simple patio into a beautiful outdoor living space.

Think about patio decorating ideas that will create a space you love to hang out in. Proceed in a similar way to the interior design of your home. Add lighting elements, arrange furniture and place decorative elements around your patio.

The following ideas are designed to unleash your imagination and give you fantastic inspiration for decorating your boring deck.

1. Beautify your garden with patio decoration ideas

Transform your backyard patio into an outdoor living space. Start by converting your outdoor patio into a raised patio. You can easily build a raised patio over your concrete patio. Choose a kit or design it yourself from durable hardwood.

Now that you have the base, give it the finishing touches with a fire pit and decorations. A traditional fire pit provides plenty of warmth. However, a modern look can be achieved with a table with a fire element in the middle. Arrange your patio furniture around it and create an outdoor lounge area. Don’t forget to put a cover to protect you from sun and rain.

Fire pit with green wicker furniture on backyard patio
Rustic patio decor in the backyard
Stylish wicker furniture for the backyard
Simple backyard spa covered with a wooden deck

2. Create a cozy atmosphere

Just because you’re outside doesn’t mean you can’t create a cozy outdoor living space. Use the same elements and ideas as indoors to give your garden a cozy atmosphere. Divide the backyard into smaller usable spaces.

In the smaller area you can create an outdoor living room. Lay out an outdoor rug and place a coffee table in the center. Arrange patio furniture around the table to create plenty of seating. Place pillows on the furniture. Hang fairy lights overhead to create a soft glow. All of these ideas help make the space more inviting and cozy.

cozy wooden terrace with wicker furniture, candles
Mediterranean-style apartment, terrace, garden furniture, plants, city views
Small wicker chairs in backyard with red cushions and hanging umbrella lamps
Outdoor terrace with brick barbecue fireplace
Hanging lamps for outdoor patio, hammock
Outdoor wooden deck, red patio, wicker chairs with shade
cozy wooden terrace, blue and gray wooden furniture
Cozy patio decoration ideas, shade cover
Country deck with white railings and covered grill
Small wooden deck potted plants, pallet couch
Hanging sofa with covered wooden terrace

3. Designing a spacious and stylish patio

Larger backyards give you more space to create larger designs. This is your chance to build an outdoor dining area. Place a long dining table on your patio with chairs or benches on each side. Cover the terrace with a pergola or sail umbrellas.

Add potted plants around the patio. Choose those that bloom to add natural color. Or you could have vines like this growing over your pergola, creating a canopy of flowers. Combine patio design ideas to create a custom ambience that reflects your style and taste.

Large luxury deck hanging sofas with vertical plants
Large inflatable spa with wicker furniture on the patio
Large wooden terrace with seating, wooden gazebo
Wooden deck, outdoor table, wicker sofa, stringed lights
Large concrete terrace, modern pergola wooden furniture
Large tiered outdoor dining set with wooden decking
Large paved patio, luxury country style dining table, parasol, hanging egg chairs
Source: @stephmusur via Instagram

4. Beautiful patio extensions

Decorate your patio with items that are durable enough to be left outside. Citronella candles create a wonderful scent and help keep insects away. Add them to your patio design to create a romantic atmosphere that is also functional.

Nautical lanterns are perfect for a coastal home to add decor and light. A hanging chair gives your patio an unconventional or whimsical feel. A pallet sofa with a cushion on it will give your patio a rustic look.

Small black patio sofa with railings and cushions
Terrace with pergola ceiling lights
Front yard, patio, wicker furniture, green umbrella, fire pit
Simple string of lights made of wooden pavilion for the concrete terrace
Small covered fire pit on the terrace
Pastel patio rug with green pattern, blue and white cushions
Concrete patio with lots of plants
Balcony wooden patio bench sail shade
rustic patio deck wooden table, green sofa curtain, divider
Simple wooden deck wicker furniture for the backyard

5. Poolside paradise

A pool in your garden is the perfect centerpiece for your garden terrace. Build your patio around your pool. Make it big enough to fit a lot of furniture on it. Place lounge chairs around the pool and add colorful cushions to give your yard the feel of an outdoor oasis.

Choose a decking material that is durable and safe for use in high humidity areas. Hardwood is a good choice because it is more suitable than softwood. Another good option is composite decking. It is durable, affordable, non-porous and non-slip.

Lounge chairs on the pool deck
large pool fireplace on the outdoor terrace
In-Ground Pool Pavement Carpet Dog
Wooden deck, large pool, small pool house
Resort style pool stone patio
Large backyard with stone paver patio and pool
small pavilion covered with pool paving stones
on the card with Marisa/Instagram
covered stone and slate pool deck
large pool deck pavers, pool loungers
Resort style vertical garden with wicker furniture with pool

6. Porch perfection

Everyone focuses on their backyard, but don’t forget your front porch. You can use these deck designs there too. Install a wraparound outdoor patio where you can walk around your home.

Transform your porch or porch into an outdoor living room. This gives you additional space to enjoy and entertain your guests. When the weather is nice, you can make yourself comfortable on a chaise longue, relax on a sofa or take a nap in a hammock.

Crowded Porch with Hanging Egg Chair Plants
Porch and patio patterned rug, black wooden furniture
Cement Porch Rocking Potted Plants
Paved stone terrace, rustic flair, wicker furniture, hanging lamps
Small modern wicker backyard patio floor with sofa tiles
Green textured tapestry for fenced wooden patio furniture
White wooden wicker seats on the porch

7. Enjoy rustic charm

You’re already outside, so enjoy the feeling of nature and create a rustic look for your patio decoration. Take advantage of the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtaking advantage of green spaces and create a garden on your patio. This is one of the most popular DIY projects because it can be done by anyone.

Add more rustic touches by repurposing items or looking for salvaged pieces. Find new ways to use vintage items. Turn an old stroller, bathtub, water trough or toilet into a planter. Create a bench out of scrap wood.

Rustic wooden patio with black wicker furniture
Modern blue wooden shade dining table with deck
Rustic style patio flowers

8. Small deck, big impact

Just because you have a small garden or patio doesn’t mean you can’t do a lot with it. Decorating ideas for small patios are all about making the most of the space. Adjust the size of the furniture to the small patio. Instead of using a large sofa, stick with small accent chairs or even cafe chairs.

Forgo a large fire pit and get a freestanding stove to warm the room. Skip the pergola and install a shade sail or two. String lights might be too bright, so use string lights instead. Look for small patio decorating ideas that serve multiple purposes and offer more functionality.

small cover potted plants, white chairs
Small patio with seating and colorful cushion plants
Small wall lights made of wood with bricks
Small space in the backyard, pallet sofa, wicker, potted plants, artificial grass
small patio floor made of wood, wicker, patio furniture
Throw rug for small balcony and patio plants
home styling inspiration/Instagram
small wooden deck, blue umbrella, black wicker furniture
Interior design byamber/Instagram
small wooden deck wicker furniture plants
Small wooden deck rug with wicker furniture and plants
Glass table umbrella for the backyard
Outside deck floor carpet, small table, wicker chair
small gray couch potted plants for patio pavers
small wooden deck wicker furniture plants
Wooden deck, wicker furniture, potted plants, view of basketball net
small vertical garden with wooden furniture on the veranda
Source: @theprettybyrdhouse via Instagram
Small potted plants with silver cushions on wooden deck
Small Asian style deck potted plants

9. The beauty of wood

Wood has a beautiful and classic look that will last for years if cared for properly. You can start with a floating deck as the base for your outdoor space. Then build a pergola over your head to block out harsh sunlight. It also provides a convenient frame for hanging lights and planters full of blooms.

Choose the right wood when building something out of wood that will be outdoors. After installation, maintain your deck regularly. This helps it last as long as possible. Clean it thoroughly once a year to remove mold, mildew and bacteria. Once dry, lightly sand and apply a sealer.

Large, tiered wooden planters with bricks
Boho wooden deck
Modern black wicker dining table set with wooden deck and grill
Large wooden terrace at night
Backyard patio, wooden table, hanging lights, candles

10. Outdoor Deck Oasis

When building your wood deck, consider adding different levels. This gives you more outdoor living space. Then you can try more than one patio idea in your garden. Set up an area that is at the same elevation as your home and has a few steps leading up to another usable area.

Consider the shape and topography of your garden. Then design your patio and decor to match. You can use beautiful vine plants with colorful flowers to create a natural privacy wall. Or hang fairy lights from a sturdy central pole above your head.

Outdoor deck, parasol, wicker furniture
spacious outdoor terrace with red wicker furniture
Paving stone, patio, green fence, wicker furniture
small wooden deck
Hometown House/Instagram
modern wooden deck pergola plants
gray wooden terrace, wooden furniture, hanging lamps, potted plants
Outdoor deck, wicker furniture, large green backyard

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