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Edgy and trendy curved kitchen islands

Kitchen islands are a hot topic in kitchen styling these days for a number of reasons: They provide additional workspace, storage and seating. A kitchen island can also emphasize or contrast the kitchen style. One of the boldest trends right now is curved furniture and this fashion hasn’t bypassed kitchen islands, curved kitchen islands are a bold trend that is here to stay just like all other curved furniture. We’ve rounded up the coolest curved kitchen islands for you and can’t wait to share them!


Curved islands add an interesting visual dynamic to kitchens. Like L-shaped islands, they’re packed with prep space. There is more than enough space to work while preparing meals. Curved designs can incorporate expansive seating areas, leaving enough room for four or more guests to dine and socialize in comfort. You can also add ribbing to such a kitchen island as fluted designs go hand in hand with curved ones.