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Retro decoration: 50+ amazing Ideas to decorate your living room and dining room

Retro decoration: 50+ amazing Ideas to decorate your living room and dining room

Retro style is ideal for decorating Living room And dining room in style, emphasizing comfort and creativity in the four corners of the environment.

Contrary to what many people think, the style is not strictly limited to vibrant and vibrant color palettes. If you like it lighter, you can do that too Bet on retro room decor. The trick is to learn how to combine elements and put them on the right furniture.

To help you decorate the simple retro living room, today we will show you which furniture and decoration elements are the best to highlight the style in your environment. Check out the images below and get inspired.

What is the difference between vintage and retro?

Before you start, it’s worth remembering the difference between vintage and retro furniture.

Vintage furniture is original pieces made between the 50s and 80s that have not changed over the years – only renovations to keep them in good condition. This type of piece is only available at antique stores.

Retro, on the other hand, is a new and updated piece whose design is inspired by old furniture. Many modern stores sell furniture specially made with a retro design.

How do I create a retro room?

A… have Living room and a retro dining room, you must first choose the furniture that will be part of your decor.

The color palette is another important detail to consider when buying furniture. With the simple retro room, only buy the essentials for the environment, but rely on impressive and elegant furniture. For example, the sofa can be lively and with a different design.

In addition to furniture, knowing the best color palette for your decor is important. This ultimately makes the difference in the composition of the environment.

Tips for retro living room furniture

retro living room Furniture tends to have a more linear, elongated design with pointed legs – the famous toothpick. Not all retro living room furniture is brightly colored, most are sold in wood and even with some iron details that add a touch of modernity to the composition.

Keep that in mind when you create one retro style, be sure to move to other environments of the house, such as B. the dining room to invest in style. It can be easily made with colorful chairs and a toothpick. It looks amazing.

Retro sofas and armchairs for living rooms

The sofa is the focus retro living room, so give priority when furnishing your living room. The retro design on the sofas is mostly tufted, with many designs featuring cushions and the famous toothpick-style legs.

The color of the sofa does not have to be gaudy, as light shades such as gray and beige are also common in retro decorations. But if you want a very cheerful room, bet on sofas like yellow, green or blue and use bright elements and colors in contrast to other details of the retro living room.

Elements that cannot be missing in the retro furnishing of your living room

When it comes to retro Room decor, every detail is important to make the room more retro.

The advantage is that there are no style rules, even for those organizing a simple retro room. You can combine prints, vases of different colors and sizes, create a composition of retro paintings for the living room on the wall, decorate the lighting.
In the small retro room, however, you have to be a little more careful with this mix and number of decorative elements. The ideal is to make the environment brighter, more minimalist and bright.

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