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On-Trend Wall Paneling Ideas to Spruce Up Your Walls

On-Trend Wall Paneling Ideas to Spruce Up Your Walls

Wall paneling is a traditional wall treatment that adds texture, depth and design to your walls. If you’re looking for creative wall covering, consider adding wood paneling over your drywall. For a rustic look, you can leave natural wood as is or paint it for a more sophisticated and uniform look.

The great thing about a wall covering project is that you can adapt it to your home’s interior design approach. Picture frame trim looks elegant and sophisticated, but you can give it a more understated look with the right choice of trim.

Shiplap is typically the common choice for rustic and farmhouse designs, but you can also paint it and give it a more sophisticated look. These wall covering ideas will help you choose the best wall treatment for your home.

1. Exploring innovative wall covering ideas

Modern design trends have made it possible for a wide variety of wall panels to be prefabricated. This makes it easy, affordable and quick to create any type of wall covering you can imagine.

Assemble 3D panels to create a textured interior wall. Panels can be expensive Wood ends with ornate decorations. This instantly gives your home an expensive feel without requiring any investment or expense. Some are not delivered as a complete wooden wall panel However, pre-cut pieces are available in various sizes, measured by square feet. Then you glue or nail them onto it Wall in one Pattern.

These options are perfect for an accent wall that can add some style to the room.

Designing ideas for wall coverings
Bedroom with gray textured wall paneling
Wooden wall paneling, modern living room, white sofa
Textured wall covering
White textured wall paneling in the bathroom
Bedroom with wood paneling and wall design

2. Beautify your living room

Your living room probably has the largest wall space in your home. This gives you a large canvas for your wall panels.

Depending on the type, complexity and color, you may want to leave your paneling on one wall, making it a feature wall. This works well if you want to create a wall using reclaimed wood planks. The different textures and colors would be overwhelming if you tried to decorate any interior wall with them.

More subtle designs, such as plank And barPicture frame or raised panel in a light Color or white, can surround the whole room and look beautiful. If you have a more open floor plan, consider continuing the paneling beyond your floor plan Living room. Expand it into your kitchen, dining room or hallway.

Spacious living room, gray sofa, wall mounted TV
modern living room with wooden wall paneling and gray sofa
Blue wall, living room fireplace accent sofa chairs

3. Embrace modern aesthetics

Modern wall coverings say goodbye to trim and complicated designs. Instead, you’ll see walls that have a 3D wall panel from floor to ceiling. It is a single leaf shaped to create depth and dimension. It could be an abstract pattern of wavy lines or have a geometric shape. With this approach, plan for minimal wall decoration. The decorative wall panel itself becomes your wall decor.

Another modern option is to mount several flat screens on one entire Wall. They can be square or rectangular for a more uniform look, or have a random freeform shape. Mount them at different heights so that they create depth Wall. Give yours Wall an extra bit of flash by installing lighting. Hidden LEDs can create a beautiful glow and futuristic effect.

Luxurious country house style bedroom
Textured wall covering in the bedroom
Gray wooden floor in the dining room
small modern dining room wall covering with texture
Modern bedroom with wood paneling

4. The warmth and elegance of wood

When choosing wood paneling as wall covering, you need to consider the color and type of wood. Then decide how you want to design the panels on your wall. If you choose a shade that is too dark, you risk making your home look dated. A lighter wood looks fresh and brightens the room.

Create a patterned design with your Wood disguise to give it a modern feel. Use thinner boards and space them out. Use wider Wood boards arranged in a herringbone pattern or chevron Pattern.

Embrace the look of nature and the benefits Wood Tables alternated with living Wall panels. Use moss or succulents to cover the living ones Wall panels. For a sleek, minimalist look, add metal panels to the design.

Ideas for wooden wall coverings, artificial grass
Wooden wall paneling in the mud room
Luxurious office with dark wood wall paneling
Texture wood paneling wall gray sofa
Wooden wall paneling
Gray wood wall paneling, wooden bench for hanging coats
Wooden wall paneling design patterns

5. Creative and feasible DIY options

You don’t need to hire an experienced craftsman for your siding project. You can easily glue to panels of a vertical board. Look for models with texture or 3D for a modern twist. If you want a complete DIY project for your kitchen design, then make your own panels.

You could use Wood boardscut square pieces Wood across the grain and cover the Wall in washers. Go to your local hardware store or online and purchase several trims. Then cut them and arrange them Wall. Use a geometric shape to add visual interest.

Try to keep your design as consistent as possible when it comes to iterations. Any minor deviation will become even more visible in the end. Measure twice and cut once.

Gray wood paneling wall, living room, gray sofa
1990s house/Instagram
Bedroom with gray, square wooden paneling
white wall paneling, rustic bathroom with freestanding bathtub
Gray wood wall paneling, modern living room
Bedroom chandelier with white wood wall paneling
Wall covering bathroom pink walls
Living room with blue wall paneling

6. Artfully painted inspirations

Natural wood wall panels have their place in home design. However, they do not work in all households. A Scandinavian-designed home can look beautiful with a light wood panel.

A reclaimed plank wall looks right at home in a rustic-inspired home. If you have the charm of a farmhouse, beadboard can be a great support.

If you want to use a specific type of wood Wallbut the appearance of naturally Wood doesn’t quite work with your home, then you have one option: to paint It. This hides the Wood Grain but also gives the disguise a sophisticated look.

This makes the details stand out more subtly and gives your walls an elegant look that they wouldn’t normally have. For a bold look, try painting your picture Wall one Color and then crop another one. This works well with picture frame panels. You could too to paint The Wall one Color and your raised or recessed panels another Color for a contrasting look.

small desk with green wall paneling
green painted wall paneling, white sofas
Pink painted country house style wall paneling

7. Upgrade your bathroom with stylish panels

You can use wall tiles from floor to ceiling. This creates a solid look that fits harmoniously into the bathroom. To add a fresh touch to your bathroom walls, try adding a wood panel treatment to the bottom half of the walls.

Paneling is a tradition Wall disguise Treatment that can look fresh in the bathroom. Typically it is found in other areas of the home, such as hallways and dining rooms. If you add it in the bathroom, you can use different ones disguise Types for the lower half of the Wall.

The bead board, picture frame and raised panels all look beautiful as a base Wall Treatment in your bathroom. Then you can to paint or use tiles on the top half Wall.

Blue wall paneling in the bathroom, white bathtub and vintage chair
Bathroom with floral wallpaper, gray wall paneling, freestanding claw bathtub
Bathroom, gray wall paneling, free-standing bathtub, shower
Bathroom, white wall paneling, blue wall-mounted toilet
White wall, gray paneling, small modern guest toilet

8. Chic half wall paneling ideas for your space

Although you could install your wood paneling over the entire wall, this can be overwhelming or expensive. A sensible budget and design option is to use it only on half the wall.

The traditional approach is to use trim on the bottom half of your wall. However, this is not the rule these days. You can use the trim on just the top half or use two different styles for the top and bottom.

Pair yours disguise with complementary design. Many people choose this to paint or use background on the half that is not there disguise. You keep those disguise a clean white or other delicate neutral. Then they left the other half Wall have a louder design.

Half-walled, white-panelled toilet
Gray bathroom shower with half wall paneling
White half wall paneling, fireplace, wood and vinyl flooring, blue accent chair

9. Timeless white elegance

All-white rooms are beautiful and offer a crisp and clean design aesthetic. However, if done incorrectly, it can leave the room looking barren and barren. Wall coverings are a perfect solution to add texture and visual interest to the room while living up to the all-white approach.

Consider Wall disguise that will add depth and texture to your room. A whitewashed one Ship rags is suitable for a farmhouse or a rustic room. plank And bar in a large square or rectangle Pattern combines well with a variety of design themes.

Picture Frame to form can give your home a decidedly elegant and traditional look. Leave space in the frames for storage disguise looks modern.

White wall covering ideas
white wall paneling, cream sofa, gold coffee table
Wall mirror for the living room with white wall paneling
white wall paneling, hallway tile floor
white wall paneling, dining room rail, ceiling lighting, black chairs, white table
white wall paneling, carpeted stairs
white wall paneling, dining room, silver flower vase, white table

10. Dining room walls that impress

Most people consider their dining room to be one of the most formal rooms in their home. This makes it the perfect place to try out some of the more unusual ideas for wainscoting, crown molding, and wood paneling. Look for wood paneling pieces with multiple levels and additional designs.

Emphasize your walls with additional scrollwork and millwork applications. Then complete the look by adding complementary pieces to the ceiling.

Skip that plank And bar and create an increase instead panel or picture frame design. You can create multiple layers and add additional shapes and designs to the mainframe. If you don’t want to create these designs from scratch, you can purchase pre-made panels that already have the design applied. Then all you have to do is mount the panels on your device Wall.

White wall paneling in the dining room with track lighting
Dining room with large wall clock and mirror
Black dining table and chairs with framed wall art
Textured wall paneling in the dining room
Round marble dining room table and chairs with gray paneled wall
Dining room wall covering ideas from themccraehome

11. Hallway makeover

All too often people forget about the design of their hallways. This space combines one well-designed space with another. Your hallways also have walls that deserve decoration.

A low wood disguise can define the space and make it appear longer. It can also help define the space by giving it its own distinctive style. For a sophisticated look, try paneling with a riser panel or plank and a bar Design. These are simple and can be easily adjusted to fit the size of your hallway.

Too big, and that Pattern won’t repeat itself often enough, making it look poorly planned and haphazard. Too small, and it will repeat itself too often, making your hallways feel smaller than it is are real.

Hallway wall cladding, wooden railings
Hallway, gray carpet, stairs, wooden railing
Glass desk with green wall paneling in the hallway
Two-tone wooden accent chair with white panel and blue wall

12. Inspiration for dreamy bedrooms

Add a wall of wood panels to one of your bedroom walls to create an accent wall. The wall behind the headboard of your bed is the perfect place for this accent wall. Wood paneling in its natural splendor gives your bedroom a warm and natural atmosphere. It successfully brings nature into the room.

However, not all of us want a rustic or farmhouse bedroom design. In this case you can to paint The disguise a brave one Color. This will be balanced Ship rags look like a fresh design. Try to create a unique design, such as: B. with faux leather panels, 3D panels or metal panels with a cut design.

White wall paneling in the bedroom
Bedroom, white wall paneling, black frame bed
Bedroom with white wall paneling and wooden bed
Framed pictures with gray wall paneling in the bedroom
Bedroom, white wall covering rug, brown throw rug
Bedroom with green wall paneling
small bedroom, white wall paneling, yellow bed and fireplace
Bedroom, blue wall paneling, gray wardrobe and bed
Textured gray wall paneling in the bedroom
Green walk-in closet with recessed shelves

13. Rustic charm

Step or board walls are classic wall cladding options. It is clean and easy to install and adds structure to the room. This makes it one of the most popular wall covering options. It is available in a variety of finishes including natural, stained and whitewashed.

For an authentic look, use reclaimed wood. However, this requires a lot more work as you have to cut each piece of wood and shape it into the correct shape.

An easier option is to use wooden panels. These are prefabricated pieces that you can simply snap together and attach Wall. You can use this Wall treatment in your kitchen, Living room, bedroom, bathroom or hallway. Give yours Wallcover visual interest through use Wood boards which have different colors. Balance them to achieve even distribution.

Rustic room with two-tone dog wallpaper and gray wood paneling

Frequently asked questions about wall coverings

Is paneling cheaper than drywall?

Wood paneling costs more than drywall because installation requires a higher level of skill and attention to detail. The craftsmanship required to produce a beautiful and professional finished product means you will pay more for the work. Modern paneling is also more expensive because it is typically installed over drywall, meaning you are paying for both drywall installation and paneling installation.

Does wall paneling make a room appear smaller?

It depends on. Wood paneling can create depth. If done right, you can make your room appear larger. If you do it wrong, the room will seem smaller. It makes sense to look at ideas that will help you know what will work before you start designing your room.

Does the paneling go over drywall?

It is common to install paneling over drywall. While this method offers insulation benefits, it also improves your home’s fire rating. The drywall creates a smooth and even surface to spread your adhesive. This will prevent your trim from bulging between the studs.

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