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Wall Decor Ideas to Refresh Your Space

Wall Decor Ideas to Refresh Your Space

You have selected the perfect fixtures, rugs, furniture and lighting. But you’re not done yet. Look around and you will notice that the walls of your home are bare. While this might make sense if you’re going for a minimalist look, most of us don’t want to decorate our homes this way. But don’t worry if you’re not sure how to proceed, we’ve put together these great wall decorating ideas.

These creative wall decor ideas will help you find the perfect pieces to decorate the empty walls of your home. Whether you have a small or large wall, these finishes will add a beautiful touch to your home. Say goodbye to empty wall space and hello to a fully decorated home.

1. Creative DIY Wall Decor Ideas

The walls in your home should be a reflection of you and your family. So what better way to do this than hanging DIY wall art? You will receive unique pieces that no one else will have, and they will have greater meaning because you have put time, effort and passion into designing your home.

Start with a hobby or artistic endeavor that interests you. You can take photos or paint something and have your artwork framed. If you enjoy cross stitching or needlepoint, hang the pieces you are most proud of in a mini gallery.

Macrame is currently popular. Learn this new skill and create a wall hanging. If you enjoy working with wood, build a floating shelf, shadow box, or shelf with hooks.

Get creative with your wall art so that it serves dual purposes. It can be a bespoke piece used for its beauty, but it can also include a wall clock or a place to put a plant. Now your decor is both pretty and functional.

Plate wall art living room
White boho nursery
Wooden wall hanger with plants
native wall art made from sticks and feathers
Clock on blue wooden planks with tree artwork
abstract hanging wall art
Corner living room potted plants
Hanging dream catcher wall art
Pink wall with framed wedding photos and art

2. Elegant Master Bedroom Ideas

Your bedroom is your personal space designed to help you relax at night and feel motivated for the day in the morning. A blank wall will do neither. There are a few things you can add to your bedroom walls, no matter what design aesthetic you prefer.

Start by creating an accent wall behind your headboard. Choose a decorative wallpaper with a repeating pattern, an eye-catching large-scale design, or a photorealistic scene. Paint the remaining walls a single color and your bedroom will instantly take on life and design.

Next, consider adding floating shelves and at least one mirror. A large wall mirror allows you to examine your entire outfit as you get ready. At the very least, you should have one that allows you to see your top half.

If you still have a bare wall or two, you can add wall art that you like. Create a wall collage of the places you’ve visited or hang framed prints from your favorite artist.

abstract wall art, elegant bedroom
framed wall art minimalist bedroom
Wall shelf for women's bedroom with framed art
Framed wall art, beautiful bedroom
Dariusz Jarzabek/Shutterstock
Gold table between green armchair and bed in elegant red bedroom interior with mirror
Floor image/Shutterstock

3. Inspirational kitchen decoration

One of the easiest ways to decorate your kitchen is with cooking utensils. They match the theme of the room and give the room a feeling of authenticity. You can hang baskets, spoons, cutting boards, knives, pot holders, measuring cups or anything else you find beautiful. Copper pots are one of the most popular decorative items due to their rich, warm color.

Another great way to decorate your kitchen is with food. Stick with flavored olive oils, pickled fruits and vegetables, or fresh herbs. These are shelf-stable, colorful and cooking staples.

You can brighten up the kitchen decor with an inspirational message or a framed print with a focus on family. If you don’t want to commit to a single message, try chalkboard paint. You can create a mini chalkboard or paint it directly on part of your wall. Now you have a blank canvas ready for your shopping list, reminders or recipes.

White vase with kitchen utensils and potted plant on wooden bench
Kitchen shelf with candlesticks and bowl
Kitchen themed slogan artwork wall
“Meals and memories are made here” kitchen wall sign.
Yellow brick backsplash kitchen wall shelf for hanging cups
White tiled kitchen wall wooden shelf with watch glasses and cookbooks

4. Stylish living room options

When deciding on wall decoration for your living room, first choose a focal point in the room. This will help you decide where to place the majority of the decorations. If you have a fireplace, this could be the mantel above or you could choose the large wall space above your sofa. Whichever room you choose, this is where you place the largest and most eye-catching decorations.

A popular idea for large wall decorations is to hang one large piece. If you decide this is right for you, the piece needs to be large enough to be proportional to the wall. Too small or too big and it will look unbalanced on the wall. This can be a challenge because now you have to find something you like so much that it’s the only thing on the wall, and it has to be the right size.

Another easy option is to hang multiple pieces. Then you are not limited by size. For a creative display, try using more than one type of art. You can use photos, prints, a clock, wall stickers, a shadow box, or three-dimensional objects. This creates depth and layers with different parts. If you can’t find wall stickers you like, you can always create your own designs using washi tape.

Pink accent chair and blue bench in modern living room
Floor image/Shutterstock
Stylish green living room sofa with small coffee table
Modern living room with gray sofa, blue floor carpet and white curtains
modern living room, gray sofa, two coffee tables
Country-house style living room with gray sofa, wooden coffee table and brick fireplace

5. Productive office ideas

When decorating your office, you need to keep productivity in mind. This space must help you stay focused and motivated. One way to do this is to eliminate clutter. Hang shelves or cabinets that will give you storage space and hide your clutter. Another clever idea is to hang a calendar or bulletin board. These offer space for important reminders, notes, documents and appointments. However, forget about the boring old bulletin board. Decorate it by painting it or adding a custom design with washi tape.

Paint your walls a rich color or install wallpaper. A bright and vibrant shade adds energy to the room. If that’s too much color, keep the walls a softer shade and hang artwork that’s bright and colorful. They keep the energy balanced without being too overwhelming.

Don’t forget to add some natural greenery with plants. This makes the room more inviting and invites you to linger longer. In addition, you benefit from cleaner air and more oxygen.

Vintage desk in living room with framed wall art
Feature wall with inspirational slogans
Small office space with framed wall art clock and hanging metal grille
Light brown leather sofa and coffee table with marble top in modern living room
minimalist home office wall chart artwork, white chair

6. Charming rustic inspiration

Rustic decorating is all about finding pieces that once served a specific purpose and are now repurposed as wall decor. Look for pieces that show signs of wear. Reclaimed wood is a perfect example of this. You can use recycled wood to create your own decoration, shelves, picture frames, shelves or anything else.

To create the perfect rustic charm, look for authentic pieces. Faux rustic pieces tend to look fake and make your decor look like you’re trying too hard. The aim was to create a relaxed, homely and lived-in atmosphere.

Look for parts that you can reuse. Consider hanging an old door or window frame. Try making a wreath out of cowbells. Old baskets on the wall can create storage space. Mason jars make excellent herb and flower vases.

rustic wall art and old wooden table with flowers
Wood framed inspirational slogan artwork
large wooden plank clock
Wooden sign “Home Sweet Home” with flowers
Antelope skull on the wall
Yakov Oskanov/Shutterstock

7. Refreshing bathroom solutions

Adding floating shelves to your bathroom will increase your storage space without reducing visual space. It also gives you the opportunity to add some decorative pieces. Choose a plant to place on the shelf. Make sure it thrives in humid environments so it requires little maintenance and freshens the air. You can also put up a candle that both looks beautiful and smells good.

If you have a sense of humor, try adding a cheeky character or two. There are many humorous bathroom signs that make people laugh when they use the toilets. If bathroom humor isn’t your thing, add artwork that matches the rest of the bathroom design.

Marble shower in bathroom with green accent wall and framed artwork
Wooden shelf on patterned tiled wall with plant and slogan artwork
Bathroom with white tiles and blue walls and corner sink
Golden stripe wallpaper, circular wall shelves in the bathroom
Marble bathroom with white freestanding bathtub and framed wall art
White tiled bathroom, freestanding bathtub, wooden wall shelf with potted plants
decorative wooden towel rack and wooden shelf with cactus
White hanging potted plants and wall art in the bathroom
Wooden bathroom shelves with plants and tissues
Pink bathroom wall art with frame and house shaped metal shelves
Bathroom wooden shelf with wash sign and potted plant

8. Cozy farmhouse decoration

If you want to create a farmhouse atmosphere in your home, look for pieces made from reclaimed wood or use natural materials. Try to incorporate flowers, grains, and greenery. Add pieces that you would find in a traditional farmhouse, such as a vintage food scale, glass bottles, or shelves made from reclaimed wood.

Try hanging a wreath or putting flowers in the jars. This adds color to the room and creates a fresh feeling. You can swap them out with the seasons to keep them relevant.

If you want to hang farmhouse art, you can use inspirational messages about family or vintage signs. Another option is to hang prints or paintings with farm scenes. This will add a sense of authenticity to your decor and define what type of farmhouse you want to emulate.

White rustic bench with hardwood floor
Vintage wooden fireplace mantel with candles and white vase
Rustic living room with murals made of book pages surrounding a mirror
Living room interior in Scandinavian farmhouse
Lavender in a glass vase and empty photo frame on a vintage shelf on a pastel wall
Tatyana Korotun/Shutterstock

9. Inviting dining room art

Before you start choosing decorations for your dining room, decide how formal you want it to be. A more casual dining area looks great with homey decor and a continued theme of cooking utensils from the kitchen.

A more formal dining area should have appropriate upscale furnishings. You can hang vintage porcelain dishes in an artistic arrangement. A large mirror with a glamorous frame adds elegance and makes the room appear larger.

Add decor that fits your eating habits. If you love wine, you can have art made out of cork. Or if you’re vegan or just like to eat well, use photos of produce and grains.

Food themed wall signs in the living room
Elegant country-house style dining room with wooden table and benches
thick wooden table, five black chairs
Blue and white two-tone wooden wall dining table, white chairs
Rustic living room, wooden table, white chairs, wall mirror

Sometimes you have a lot of images and want to use them all. That’s fine! Don’t force yourself to edit. Instead, find a large, empty wall in your home and create a gallery. Plan to cover the entire wall of your choice so that it becomes the focal point of the room. If you don’t have a space where this works, look beyond it. Maybe you have a hallway, staircase or entryway with blank walls. These transitional spaces are the perfect place for your gallery to call home.

When designing your gallery, plan ahead. Do you want all frames to fit together and create a unified look? Or do you prefer a more organic and unconventional look with a variety of frames? Do you want every piece to have the same dimensions or do you prefer a variation?

Once you’ve made these decisions, it’s time to plan your arrangement. Do this on the floor before you start drilling holes in the walls. This prevents unnecessary holes and ensures the perfect balance.

Gold framed photo wall art
Colorful framed wall art chair with light brown accent
Framed black and white nature photos on the living room wall
Large blank white painting on the wall in a minimalist room
White Scandi interior with wooden desk, triangular shelves and plants
Floor image/Shutterstock

Frequently asked questions about wall decoration

What if I have a specific interior design aesthetic in mind?

All of the ideas we discussed can be used in a variety of design aesthetics. Simply design the piece to match the rest of the decor. For example, a French country style bedroom mirror might have a gold gilded frame. A rustic bedroom, on the other hand, would have a mirror with a frame made of reclaimed wood. A modern bedroom could have a frameless mirror or one with a sleek and minimalist metal frame. Craftsman-inspired bedrooms may feature a mirror in a carved wooden frame attached to the top of an Arts and Crafts-style dresser.

Can I combine wall decorations?

Yes you can! You could put patterned wallpaper on the wall. Then hang a gallery collage with a mirror, artwork, and homemade pieces. This creates a custom display that looks polished but not overly put together. Mirrors work in rooms other than your bedroom and make the room appear larger. Wallpaper adds color to any room.

What if I don’t want to hang things on the wall?

If you prefer a minimalist look, you shouldn’t add a lot of decor. But minimalist walls also have something. Choose a single large mirror or piece of art to hang on your white wall. Avoid choosing a bright color by choosing neutral colors when decorating. Decorate only one or two walls in each room and leave the others blank. This creates a central point without creating clutter.

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