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Room Decorating – ideas with plants for freshness and beauty at home

Room Decorating – ideas with plants for freshness and beauty at home

Anyone who has to decorate a room know: this is not a child’s thing… You have to be clear in advance about what you want to achieve with the decoration: a uniform room look or an unusual one? Of course, this does not affect the decoration; In order for everything to run smoothly, you need a clear concept. And if you take that into account The modern home is teeming with decorating ideasyou are spoiled for choice with every single decision. That is why we would like to draw your attention to a natural decoration idea today: Room decoration with plants. Check out these fresh room decorating ideas and get inspired.

Put plants in the right light

Arranging the green in the room is sometimes not that easy. Be it due to lack of space or because you don’t have a green thumb, you can clearly see the challenge. But don’t worry, there are modern and creative solutions for each individual case.

A lot is actually allowed when decorating with plants.

The criterion is simply the beautiful result! At least you have to take into account the light needs of the green roommates. It depends on whether you place the plant as close as possible to the window or perhaps in a darker corner. What else applies if you want to put the green in the limelight?

Plants are usually placed on the windowsillso a nice one Window sill decoration created. But those who prefer not to put their green roommates by the window are looking for alternatives. Place your plants on shelves and dressers. Depending on the plant, choose beautiful plant pots and window boxes that will bring them to life.

Another idea for your plants: Hang the flower pots on the wall. homemade hanging, hanging baskets are wonderful too! Flower stands are also perfect for displaying plants. Greenhouses are just as great as winter quarters. And those who think more creatively will put wonderful plant systems into practice.

Group plants on the ground and create a green group island. In this way you ensure great optical effects in the room. Another idea for your room decoration is to swap the pots for baskets. And with large plants in huge plant pots, you’ll hit the mark. If you are a fan of crafts, then we would advise you to decorate plants in jars.

It is well known that plants appear not only as a fresh decoration in the room, but also as unique natural air purifiers. Now we come to the question, which plants are suitable for the home? Are you looking for easy-care indoor plants because you have a stressful everyday life and forget your little flatmates? Then you can count on a number of plants that are quite undemanding. elephant’s foot, cycads, dragon tree, weeping fig, rubber tree, window leaf, money tree or Amaryllis are a great solution for you. And bow hemp, dieffenbachia and kentia palm are other big hits in the living room.

Maybe you are looking for plants for the bedroom? Then put on indoor plants that clean the air and have a positive effect on the CO2 concentration in the room. Because this creates a healthier room climate, which requires a good and healthy sleep. Be very careful when choosing, because some houseplants emit CO2 themselves at night. aloe vera, ivy, single leaf, jasmine and green lily are perfect for the sleeping area.

But if you want to bring some color into the interior instead of just sitting on green leaves, you need wonderfully flowering indoor plants. orchid, begonia, cyclamen, azalea and flamingo flower are very suitable for your decoration.

So make sure you have enough plants in your home! Whether it’s plants with plain green leaves or gorgeous blooms, get some green housemates and you’ll immediately see the difference.

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