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32 Amazingly Provencal decorated environments to get inspired

32 Amazingly Provencal decorated environments to get inspired

If you like one romantic and soft style for your home decor, surely you will like Provencal decor and learn more about what Provencal decor is and get several references that will make your home even more beautiful and cozy, follow our article to the end.

What is a Provençal decoration?

The Provencal style started in the 16th century and is originally from Provence, a region in southern France. It was quite common to find Provençal decoration in the homes of peasants who desired a style of decoration in keeping with that of the nobles. The Provencal decor has a very romantic style with light tones and delicate prints.

Provencal style is sought after by those who want to add a delicate, soft and romantic touch to the decoration, often using pastel colors, floral prints, rustic Provencal furniture models and even a fireplace.

Provencal room decoration

The Provencal room always has a very romantic and charming decor. For the feminine Provencal bedroom, try to use a floral print related to the landscape, it can be on the wallpaper, curtain or bedding. Furniture with a more delicate style and charming contours also attract attention in the Provencal room.

Another detail that can be very charming for the decoration of a Provencal decoration female bedroom is to use a dressing table. You can choose a dresser model with a romantic and very clean design or, if you prefer, choose one in the style of rustic Provencal furniture to give a rudimentary touch to the decoration of the Provencal room.

The lookalike Bedroom can also be decorated in a Provencal styleHowever, if you don’t want it to be quite so feminine, you can choose wallpapers with light and delicate colors that have a striped pattern or Toile de Jouy instead of a floral print.

Another very cool tip for doing this Provencal decoration In the double room it is to mix the wood tones of the rustic Provencal furniture and to make the base of the room in white and beige tones. so you Get a very cozy and pleasant Provencal room to both.

Provencal cuisine

Something very present in the Provençal kitchen decor are the wooden cabinets painted white to keep the environment very clean and bright. The delicate details that give the Provencal style in the kitchen include decorative details such as plant vases, porcelain dishes, delicate handles.

However, as we have already said, pastel colors are also widely used in Provencal decoration. Therefore, if you prefer the cabinets, you can get other colors, but they must refer to the romantic and rural style of Provence, since the Provencal kitchen is decorated under.

The Provencal kitchen can also receive more modern details in the decoration to create a mix of styles and make the Provencal decoration a little more up-to-date. Pendants, lamps and stainless steel details can help you decorate your home Provencal cuisine something more modern.

Tips for inserting the style of Provence in the decoration

As you have seen, when we talk about Provençal style of decoration, a super delicate environment with many feminine touches already suits us, but it is possible to insert Provençal decoration and escape a little from the excess of romance and femininity that this style has.

One of the best ways to enhance Provencal style, but without too many feminine touches, is with rustic Provencal furniture.

A very nice thing to use rustic provencal furniture Being able to dig at antique shops means you can be sure you will find lots of cool things there and still save some money, alongside the opportunity to renovate rustic Provencal furniture and have an exclusive piece in your home.

Flowers are also always present in Provencal decor. You can use flower arrangements in pots or even just leave the flowers on wallpaper prints, cushions, bedding or even on the dishes you use in Provencal cooking.

It is very important to know how to choose colors for Provencal decoration. In general, the Provencal style emphasizes light tones, therefore, in Provencal decoration, white is generally used as the basis.

Pastel colors do that too Provencal style decoration rather delicate and feminine, so these tones are quite common in this style of decoration.

Mirrors and chandeliers are also included Provencal style, as these items formed part of the decoration of palaces and set the tone of nobility and sophistication for the decorated environments. The chandelier can be used in different environments, but it is especially beautiful when installed on the bed in the Provencal room or on the dining table.

When it comes to mirrors, it is important to know how to choose the right frame to bring the Provencal style to the decoration. Classic frame mirrors are certainly the most sought after by those looking for Provençal style, bringing sophistication and beauty to the environment.

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